Phantasy Arcade

Phantasy Arcade

December 11, 2020 - January 3, 2021

Dec 12, 6:00PM - 9:00PM

**In-person opening reception has been cancelled due to recent surge in Covid cases, please contact us at to view artwork by appointment. Thank you **


Phantasy Arcade
is a unique art exhibition concept born out of quarantine. Featuring a coupling of artist and musicians, each artist created work for an original, non-playable, 1/6th scale arcade cabinet. Musicians simultaneously created original music based on the artists' concepts. The collection is a miniature arcade that evokes nostalgia for things that never were.

On display in the gallery December 12, 2020 - January 3, 2021

RECEPTION DETAILS (Saturday, December 12)

  • There will be an opening reception from 6 - 9pm.
  • Only 15 people will be admitted into the STORE at a time.
  • Only 30 people will be admitted into the GALLERY at a time. 
  • Admission is FREE. RSVPs will be required to attend the opening reception. RSVP HERE
  • Go HERE for our COVID protocols.


Alex Ahad
Alexander Vidal
Babs Tarr

Ben Zhu
Brandon Bird
Brett Stenson
Dave Cooper
Dan Matutina
Glen Brogan

Luke Flowers
Jake Parker
James Gilleard
Jenny Yu
Josh McKenzie
Junko Mizuno

Michael Bear
Michelle Romo

Mizu Cat
Motohiro Hayakawa
Olivia Shetler

Oliver Hibert
Sara Kipin

Shadi Muklashy


  • Over 20 custom mini arcade cabinets will be on display and available for sale as limited edition creations. 
  • An exhibition soundtrack of original chiptunes music will be available online. 


Born out of quarantine, Phantasy Arcade is an art exhibition of 1/6 scale arcade cabinets (12 inches tall) designed by artists. Made to look real but not actually be playable.
  • Artists are given a template and a chance to create their own Phantasy Arcade game. Games that we wish existed.
  • All cabinets are hand assembled and include a removable battery powered light and mini bluetooth speaker installed inside (optional).
  • The marquee and the monitor areas will be lit to resemble a working arcade machine! 
  • Musicians will be selected to create an original chiptune song for each Phantasy game!

Ultimate Monster Alliance!, Alex Ahad o_8
Ultimate Monster Alliance!

Ultra Melon Arcade, Babs Tarr
Ultra Melon Arcade

VEKTAR, Bagger43

Battle of Midway, Brandon  Bird
Battle of Midway

Lone Peak, Brett Stenson
Lone Peak

The Great Heirarchy, Dave Cooper
The Great Heirarchy

Wild Tannen, Glen Brogan
Wild Tannen

Skull Chaser, Jake Parker
Skull Chaser

Burnt Out, Jenny Yu
Burnt Out

Moonlight Switch, Josh McKenzie
Moonlight Switch

Pure Trance, Junko Mizuno
Pure Trance

Cubicle Kombat, Michael Bear
Cubicle Kombat

High School Girl Fighters, Mizucat
High School Girl Fighters

Mighty Boy, Motohiro Hayakawa
Mighty Boy

LSD UFO, Oliver Hibert

Betwixt, Sara Kipin

Invisigun, Shadi Muklashy, Yujin Choo, and Darren Quach

Tib to Batan, Bannister
Tib to Batan

Rick Steves: Operation Europe, Brandon  Bird
Rick Steves: Operation Europe

Southpaw, ben zhu

Badlands, Alexander Vidal

Toil and Trouble, Olivia Lai Shetler
Toil and Trouble

Shadow Animals: Blackout, Dan Matutina
Shadow Animals: Blackout

Burton's Castle, Luke Flowers
Burton's Castle

Pat Pat, Michelle Romo
Pat Pat


Some artwork may be paid for in installments. Please for details.

Event Exclusives

Phantasy Arcade Cabinet Enamel Pin, ben zhu
Phantasy Arcade Cabinet Enamel Pin

Rosemary Sticker by Alex Ahad
Rosemary Sticker by Alex Ahad
Maki Sticker by Alex Ahad
Maki Sticker by Alex Ahad