Moonlight Switch, Josh McKenzie
Moonlight Switch


Artist: Josh McKenzie
Exhibition: Phantasy Arcade
Frame Height: 12.0" (30.48 cm)
Frame Width: 4.5" (11.43 cm)
Frame Depth: 5.0" (12.7 cm)
Medium: Acrylic spray paint, archival paper, graphite
Features: Limited Edition(15)
Year: 2020


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*Each mini cabinet is hand assembled and the external sticker graphics are printed using archival vinyl adhesive and inks. Cabinets include an internal battery powered light to illuminate the screen / marquee areas and a mini blue tooth speaker can also be added on (additional cost).  Because these are hand assembled, no two cabinets are exactly alike and may have slight imperfections. 

Each cabinet also comes with a downloadable track.

Featuring music by Dhruv Goel

Dhruv Goel is a composer and music producer based in Los Angeles.

MOONLIGHT SWITCH is a point-and-click detective game. By day, you are private eye Rush Tarragon working to stop the mysterious and enigmatic phantom thief Zagan. By night, you are the suave and clever Zagan himself, a demonic entity possessing Rush and using his body to claim all of the world's riches. With the rise and setting of the moon each night, the player switches perspectives and must use the limited clues given to either thwart Zagan's heists and exorcise him entirely, or instead, bamboozle Rush and enjoy all the splendors of the world!