The Physics of Friendship: A Tribute to The Big Bang Theory

The Physics of Friendship: A Tribute to The Big Bang Theory

October 19, 2013 - November 10, 2013

Oct 19, 6:00PM - 10:00PM

It all started with a big bang! Worlds collide as Penny, an aspiring actress turned waitress, moves into the apartment across the hall from two brilliant physicists, Sheldon and Leonard. The catalyst could be proximity, but this triple bond is soon stronger than that of nitrogen. Despite the scientists' genius IQs, it is Penny who shows them how little they know of life. Leonard believes he's found true love in Penny. Even Sheldon soon enters into a "Relationship Agreement" with a new female companion of rival intellect, Amy Farrah Fowler. Adding the antics of close friends Raj, Howard and his adorable wife, Bernadette, equals the sum of elements proving that this hit show has no half-life in sight.

Nucleus and Warner Bros. present an international roster of visual talent capturing the equation of love, laughter, and laboratories at the core of this supersmart series. Now in its seventh season, The Big Bang Theory continues to perfect its winning formula, prompting this artistic tribute to its lovable cast of close friends and their expanding universe.

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Free Admission • All Ages
No RSVP • Costumes Encouraged
Door Prize for First 100 Guests

Highlights Include:

• Trivia Competition (8:00PM)
• Costume Contest (9:00PM)
• Biggest Big Bang Fan Challenge (10:00PM)
• Hourly Raffle Prizes including a WB Studio Tour for Two
• Props from the Show
• BAZINGA!™ Ball Pit Photo Op
• Scavenger Hunt
• DIY Penny Blossom
• Glam Rocks Glitter Tattoos
• Live DJ
• Complimentary Refreshments & Snacks

Exhibiting Artists:

Leisure Activities in the Gamma Quadrant, Tim S Furey
Leisure Activities in the Gamma Quadrant
Sheldon and Leonard Save the Universe!, Len Peralta
Sheldon and Leonard Save the Universe!
I Wanna Ride On A Soft Kitty, Zoë Moss
I Wanna Ride On A Soft Kitty
Anti-Gravity, Ben Tan
The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation, Megan Woods
The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation
Stars of Big Bang Theory, Joey Chou
Stars of Big Bang Theory
Some Assembly Required, Owen Davey
Some Assembly Required
Soft Kitty Fanboy, Tharp
Soft Kitty Fanboy
Blackboard Bungle...or...Quip While You're Ahead!, Paul Madden
Blackboard Bungle...or...Quip While You're Ahead!
Howard in Spaaaaaaace, Nate Bear
Howard in Spaaaaaaace
The Big Bang Theory, Sakiroo
The Big Bang Theory
Sheldon Is Not a Zebra, Tuna Bora
Sheldon Is Not a Zebra
The Art of the Big Bang, crin
The Art of the Big Bang
I'm NOT Peter Pan, Diona
I'm NOT Peter Pan
The Big Bang Theory in Space!, Kevin Wada
The Big Bang Theory in Space!
Maybe We Don't Even Know, Mari Inukai
Maybe We Don't Even Know

Some artwork may be paid for in installments. Please for details.