Posca Marker Workshop w/ Angela Pan

Posca Marker Workshop w/ Angela Pan

February 3, 2024 - February 18, 2024

Feb 3, 1:00PM - 5:00PM

Before her exhibition with Alar Iko, painter Angela Pan will be teaching a 4 hour painting workshop focused specifically on using Posca Markers. This class is great for those who are interested in acrylic marker painting and learning techniques using Posca markers.

  • Saturday Feb 3rd, 2024 from 1pm - 5pm PT
  • Located at 210 East Main St. Alhambra CA 91801
  • This 4 hour workshop is in person only and will not be recorded
  • $120 admission per student tickets available below and HERE 
  • Some supplies are provided but students are required to bring their own Posca markers

  • Introduction to working with acrylic markers (marker thickness, colors, and what paper is best suitable) - 20 minutes
  • Mixing colors - 30 minutes ( demo + exercise )
  • Creating linear gradients - 30 minutes ( demo + exercise )
  • Creating radial gradient / glowing sun + moon - 40 minutes ( demo + exercise )
  • Simple cityscape, either sunset or night - 2 hours ( demo + exercise )


  • Strathmore 400 Series Marker Paper Pad 6" x 8" (provided)
  • Coated cardstock paper (provided)
  • Medium tip markers in: white, light blue, sky blue, navy blue, light pink, pink, light orange, pastel yellow, ivory, bright yellow(orange) and brown (students should purchase)
  • Extra fine tip markers in white (students should purchase)
  • HB pencil and eraser (students should purchase)

  • Bring a spare sketchbook to use as a base when drawing
  • Bring your own Posca markers not listed in the materials list if applicable
  • Bring a small ruler and masking tape (optional)


A keen observer of the beauty around her, Chinese-Canadian artist Angela Pan enjoys capturing those fleeting moments and everyday sceneries with acrylic markers. After graduating with high honors from Sheridan College's animation program in 2014, she worked in the animation industry for 6 years as an environment designer. In 2020, she became a self-employed artist and content creator and currently lives in Calgary with her husband and adorable cats Suki and Benny.