Toil and Trouble, Olivia Lai Shetler
Toil and Trouble


Artist: Olivia Lai Shetler
Exhibition: Phantasy Arcade
Frame Width: 4.5" (11.43 cm)
Frame Height: 12.0" (30.48 cm)
Frame Depth: 5.0" (12.7 cm)
Medium: Mixed
Features: Limited Edition(15)
Year: 2020


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*Each mini cabinet is hand assembled and the external sticker graphics are printed using archival vinyl adhesive and inks. Cabinets include an internal battery powered light to illuminate the screen / marquee areas and a mini blue tooth speaker can also be added on (additional cost).  Because these are hand assembled, no two cabinets are exactly alike and may have slight imperfections. 

** Please allow 2-3 weeks for construction of cabinets as these are made to order. Thank you

-Young apprentice witch Magra falls asleep on the job watching a boiling potion pot while her master is away on an errand, and the potion overflows, transforming all the store's ingredients sentient! The roots, bones, fungi, and plants sprout legs or wings and scarper just as the apprentice wakes, and in a panic she sets out to collect them.  Using her wand and her wits, she must search the hut, the surrounding village, and forest levels before her master returns, and ensure not a single ingredient is left behind or eaten by scavenging critters.

-After the intro animation plays to introduce the story, you go through levels searching areas for missing potion ingredients. You can lift/disrupt various objects to see if anything is hiding behind them. Once discovered, the ingredients panic and try to run away; you must cast a freezing spell on them to return them to normal. Small critters like mice, cats, and forest boars try to eat the ingredients as they run, and you can use your freezing spell on them to stun them before they get to your ingredient. Each subsequent level requires you to be more skillful with your aim, and the harder the level the more spells it takes to retrieve your ingredient. You get more points the more ingredients you recapture before midnight and your master returns home.

Featuring music by Andrae Alexander

Andrae is a Los Angeles based composer, veteran, and author who currently teaches courses on Music Business at USC.



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