Pawsitive Energy, John Thompson
Pawsitive Energy

Artist: John Thompson
Exhibition: For Fans By Fans presents Puglie - The World is Your Doughnut
Art Width: 10.5" (26.67 cm)
Art Height: 12.0" (30.48 cm)
Art Depth: 2.5" (6.35 cm)
Medium: Paperclay and acrylic on board
Features: Signed
Year: 2018



Little House, Lorena Alvarez Gomez
Little House

hearteater 2, Vanesa Del Rey
hearteater 2

Large Anxiety Fox Plush (WIDE EYES), Naomi Romero
Large Anxiety Fox Plush (WIDE EYES)

Vignette #1, Annie Stegg
Vignette #1

Vignette #9, Annie Stegg
Vignette #9

Pugcussion series: TAIKO, Lili Chin
Pugcussion series: TAIKO

Pugcussion series: CONGAS, Lili Chin
Pugcussion series: CONGAS

Pugcussion series: ROTOTOM, Lili Chin
Pugcussion series: ROTOTOM

Pugcussion series: 808, Lili Chin
Pugcussion series: 808

(Captain Marvel) Flerken Swallows Tesseract Keyframe, Jackson Sze
(Captain Marvel) Flerken Swallows Tesseract Keyframe

Purple Forest Flowers, Mruna Mistry
Purple Forest Flowers

The shell was an iridescent lilac, ben zhu
The shell was an iridescent lilac

Hobbiton, Beverly Arce

Rêverie: The Art of Sibylline Meynet, SIBYLLINE
Rêverie: The Art of Sibylline Meynet
Pre-order  SIGNED

Autumn Falls, Jacob Sweet
Autumn Falls

The Dragon (PRINT), Gian Galang
The Dragon (PRINT)