The Dragon (PRINT), Gian Galang
The Dragon (PRINT)


Artist: Gian Galang
Image Width: 20.0" (50.8 cm)
Image Height: 24.0" (60.96 cm)
Width: 21.0" (53.34 cm)
Height: 25.0" (63.5 cm)
Paper Type: Giclee
Paper Type: Velvet Fine Art
Features: Limited Edition(81)
Signed & Numbered on Piece



Copper #9 - Bridges - July 2003, Kazuhiro Kibuishi
Copper #9 - Bridges - July 2003

Over The Garden Wall (Greg) Enamel Pin
Over The Garden Wall (Greg) Enamel Pin
Circle: pg.  9 (print), Jon Klassen
Circle: pg. 9 (print)

Boxer - Gian Galang enamel pin, Gian Galang
Boxer - Gian Galang enamel pin

The Dream Princess' Wish (print), Vanessa Gillings
The Dream Princess' Wish (print)

Gian Galang Art of Fighting Shirt, Gian Galang
Gian Galang Art of Fighting Shirt

Gian Galang Lenticular Print, Gian Galang
Gian Galang Lenticular Print

Axe Kick (print), Gian Galang
Axe Kick (print)

Uppercut (print), Gian Galang
Uppercut (print)

Argonath, Beverly Arce

Gondor, Beverly Arce

Rivendell, Beverly Arce

SF Morning (PRINT), Yoichi Nishikawa
SF Morning (PRINT)

Senkō-ji Temple (PRINT), Yoichi Nishikawa
Senkō-ji Temple (PRINT)

Roasted (PRINT), Kellye Perdue
Roasted (PRINT)

NEW Ice House (Large Format PRINT), Jon Klassen
Ice House (Large Format PRINT)