Onion, Amélie Fléchais

Artist: Amélie Fléchais
Exhibition: Fantastical Flora & Fauna
Art Width: 12.3" (31.24 cm)
Art Height: 10.2" (25.91 cm)
Frame Width: 17.5" (44.45 cm)
Frame Height: 14.5" (36.83 cm)
Medium: Ink watercolor
Features: Signed
Year: 2015




Le petit loup rouge, Amélie Fléchais
Le petit loup rouge

Yarny Tawny and Scrawny, Allison Hoffman
Yarny Tawny and Scrawny

Little House, Lorena Alvarez Gomez
Little House

Moriko (print), Mall
Moriko (print)

Michio (Print), Mall
Michio (Print)

ECA Inventory Canvas Bag
ECA Inventory Canvas Bag
The Island, Lorena Alvarez Gomez
The Island

Ravina Page 45 - 46, Junko Mizuno
Ravina Page 45 - 46

A Walk in the Woods, Amélie Fléchais
A Walk in the Woods

The Bridge, Amélie Fléchais
The Bridge

The Quest, Amélie Fléchais
The Quest

The Little Red Wolf, Amélie Fléchais
The Little Red Wolf

Amélie Fléchais Little Red Wolf - Nucleus Enamel Pin, Amélie Fléchais
Amélie Fléchais Little Red Wolf - Nucleus Enamel Pin

Desert gardening, Amélie Fléchais
Desert gardening

Woodland gardening, Amélie Fléchais
Woodland gardening

EXTRA: Scene 27 Frame A25, STUDIO4°C
EXTRA: Scene 27 Frame A25