Spacer59 Parks Poster Exhibition

59 Parks Poster Exhibition

59 Parks Poster Exhibition
November 8, 2019
Nov 8, 7:00PM - 10:00PM

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Friday November 8, 7 - 10pm One night only! The fine folks of The National Poster Retrospecticus will be visiting the gallery and presenting the Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series, a series of posters that celebrate the National Parks. Prominent poster designers from around the world have teamed up with the series to create unique posters for every National Park in the US. The series includes artists like Daniel Danger, Claire Hummel, DKNG, and Owen Davey. All posters at this one-day-only pop-up are for sale. 

About The Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series:
The Fifty-Nine Parks is a celebration of our National Parks. The strength of the series comes from an eclectic mix of artists and the unique beauty of each park. The series is teaming up with prominent poster artists from all over the world to create posters for each National Park. The series is touring exten- sively all over North America and is currently being archived by The Library of Congress. 5% of all online poster sales are donated to The National Park Service. 

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image by Rory Kurtz

image by Claire Hummel