SpacerPaper Son: The Story of Tyrus Wong Book Signing with Julie Leung & Chris Sasaki

Paper Son: The Story of Tyrus Wong Book Signing with Julie Leung & Chris Sasaki

Paper Son: The Story of Tyrus Wong Book Signing with Julie Leung & Chris Sasaki
October 26, 2019
Oct 26, 2:00PM - 5:00PM

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As the first West Coast release / signing event of Paper Son: The Inspiring Story of Tyrus Wong, Immigrant and Artist, Nucleus is proud to host a one day only signing with

writer Julie Leung
illustrator Chris Sasaki
daughter Kim Wong

More than just an immigration story, this book celebrates the power of art and heritage. Bring your friends and family, share the story of Tyrus Wong, an inspirational dreamer and artist.

*Select spreads from the book will be on display and available for sale!

*Chris Sasaki has won the OA Dilys Evans Founder's Award for his illustration work on Paper Son


An inspiring picture-book biography of animator Tyrus Wong, the Chinese American immigrant responsible for bringing Disney's Bambi to life. Before he became an artist named Tyrus Wong, he was a boy named Wong Geng Yeo. He traveled across a vast ocean from China to America with only a suitcase and a few papers. Not papers for drawing--which he loved to do--but immigration papers to start a new life. Once in America, Tyrus seized every opportunity to make art, eventually enrolling at an art institute in Los Angeles. Working as a janitor at night, his mop twirled like a paintbrush in his hands. Eventually, he was given the opportunity of a lifetime--and using sparse brushstrokes and soft watercolors, Tyrus created the iconic backgrounds of Bambi.

JULIE LEUNG is the author of the Mice of the Round Table series, including A Tail of CamelotVoyage to Avalon, and most recently, Merlin's Last Quest. This is her first picture book. In her free time, she enjoys furtively sniffing books at bookstores and winning obscure board games. Originally from Atlanta, she now lives in New York City, where she works as a marketing director at Del Rey Books. Visit her on the web at and follow her on Twitter at @jleungbooks.

CHRIS SASAKI is a former character designer and illustrator for Pixar Animation Studios, where he has designed characters for Monsters University and Inside Out. His work has been featured at Gallery Nucleus, on Cartoon Brew, in the New York Times, and in the Society of Illustrators annual. He lives in Oakland, California. Visit him on the web at


Tyrus Wong was an extremely modest man. “Paper Son” presents his life and work in a way that should inspire children of all ethnicities to emulate him and realize their potential. I think Tyrus would appreciate the way Chris Sasaki’s simple, expressive illustrations compliment Julie Leung’s words.
-- Charles Solomon, animation critic and historian

Tyrus Wong was an inspiring man and ar1st. Paper Son tells his remarkable story—filled with history that even today few know about, seemingly insurmountable obstacles, heartbreak, and triumph—through a compelling narra1ve accompanied by gorgeous illustra1ons. Both children and adults will be cap1vated and moved by this man and his life.
-- Lisa See, writer and novelist

Uplifting! The inspirational true story of Tyrus Wong’s immigration to America and his journey to becoming a master artist has been beautifully captured in this book. Mr. Wong was the first Asian American artist I saw growing up and the magic he created with his brush made me, and many others, believe that we could strive for the same heights. The illustrations and story in PAPER SON have honored him in the way he lived his life, courageous, inspired and glimmering.
-- Peter Sohn, animator and director at Pixar Studios

"Tyrus Wong is my hero, not only for his breathtaking art, but also for how he lived his life. PAPER SON, reminds us to live life with beauty, persistence, grace and humility, a tale that is as relevant now as ever. "-- Don Hahn Producer The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast

Event Exclusives

Paper Son pg. 34-35 (print)

Signed / Limited

Paper Son pg. 22-23 (print)

Signed / Limited

Paper Son pg. 2-3 (print)

Signed / Limited