SpacerNaruto: The Tribute Exhibition

Naruto: The Tribute Exhibition

Naruto: The Tribute Exhibition
November 10, 2018 - November 18, 2018
Nov 10, 7:00PM - 10:00PM

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VIZ Media and Gallery Nucleus are proud to present the FIRST ever official stateside tribute exhibition for NARUTO!

Join us November 10 from 7-10PM for the opening of NARUTO: The Tribute Exhibition as we unveil new tribute artwork inspired by the iconic anime series!


  • Official Tribute Exhibition for NARUTO in collaboration with VIZ Media
  • Tribute art inspired by the series on display & for sale
  • Debut of Gallery Nucleus exclusive NARUTO merchandise
  • NARUTO themed pop-up shop with new and official merchandise
  • FIRST 100 in line will be receive a FREE door prize donated by VIZ Media!
  • Attendees will receive a ticket for one small cup of ice cream courtesy of KIDDOS CREAMERY while supplies last!
  • Tons of raffle prizes donated by VIZ Media, Good Smile Company, BandaiNamco, and more announced every hour!
  • Naruto themed cosplayers will receive an extra raffle ticket
  • FREE Admission, all ages, no RSVP necessary!
  • And more to be announced...!


Ameorry Luo
Anissa Espinosa
Anthony Holden
Chi Ngo
Chie Boyd
Doki Rosi
Elsa Chang
Gabby Zapata
Grace Kum
Irene Koh
Izzy Abreu
Jason McLean
Jen Bartel
Jessica Mao
Joey Chou
Juliette Brocal
Kat Tsai
Keiko Murayama
Kelly Smith
Keneth Leoncito
Kevin Hong
Madeleine Flores
Matt Doering
Michel Saito
Natalie Shaw
Nero Hamaoui
Paul Reinwand
Phillip Light
Rebecca Shieh
Sam Youn
Sara Kipin
Teny Issakhanian
Tiffany Le
Tobias Kwan
Tristan Yuvienco
Vince Aparo
Xinwei Huang

In collaboration with...

event image by Rebecca Shieh
rollover image by Joey Chou

Event Exclusives

To Become Your Weapon (print)

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Naruto (Joey Chou)

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Ichiraku (print)

Out of Stock

Ichiraku Ramen (print)

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Snacktime! (print)

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The Legend of Sasuke (print)

Out of Stock

Tomodachi Dattebayo! print)

Out of Stock

Guts! (print)

Out of Stock

Hidden Leaf Village (print)

Out of Stock

Ninken (print)

Out of Stock

Naruto Illustration Book
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Uzumaki The Art of Naruto Vol. 1
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The Lotus of Konoha (PRINT)

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