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Cover to Cover
December 15, 2012 - December 30, 2012
Dec 15, 7:00PM - 10:00PM

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Nucleus spotlights newly released self-published books by some of our favorite artists.  The exhibit, Cover to Cover, highlights select artwork featured in these new releases.  Framed originals ranging from paintings, ink, graphite, as well as digital paintings will fill the gallery space.  Artists will be present to meet with fans and sign copies of their latest projects.  This is a perfect opportunity to have your favorite new book signed for either yourself or a as a special holiday gift for a friend.

Self-Published Book Releases Include:

Papa c’est Moi - Pascal Campion
The Treehouse Heroes & Acquerello II - Alina Chau
Acoustic Brush 2 - Patrick Awa
Plomo - Trevor Spencer & Andrea Fernandez
Hopscotch - Priscilla Wong, Lindsey Olivares, Stevie Lewis, & Floriane Marchix
Catra Sees All - Mindy Lee, Garrett Hanna, & Cory Loftis
Butterscotch - Tuna Bora & Elsa Chang
Mint Corral - Elsa Chang

Plus the Picture Book Project coloring book!

Nucleus is pleased to present the long-awaited "The Picture Book Project" coloring book. While volunteering at orphanages, the organization's founders, Rachel Tiep-Daniels and Margaret Wuller, realized that drawing always brings a smile to a child’s face.  This was the motivation behind creating a coloring book featuring line drawings by sixty-six professional animators inspired by the theme of weird monsters. Proceeds support orphaned children in Africa, Mexico, and Cambodia. Color renditions (by the artists themselves) will be on display. Also meet some of the artists who took part in the project.

Over 70 works on display!

Tornado by Patrick Awa (featured in Acoustic Brush 2)

Who Are You? by Trevor Spencer (featured in Plomo)

Warrior by Mindy Lee (featured in Catra Sees All)

Untitled by Pascal Campion (featured in Papa c'est Moi)

Grand Canal by Priscilla Wong (featured in Hopscotch)

Fashion Girls by Elsa Chang (featured in Mint Corral)

Faun Warrior by Garrett Hanna (featured in Catra Sees All)

Priscilla by Stevie Lewis (featured in Hopscotch)

Top Image: Alina Chau

Event Exclusives

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