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SpacerArt Blocks for Ghana

Art Blocks for Ghana

Art Blocks for Ghana
March 8, 2011 - March 14, 2011
Mar 12, 7:00PM - 11:00PM

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The Picture Book Project Foundation and Gallery Nucleus present Art Blocks for Ghana – a charity art auction of original works created by top artists within the animation and illustration community to provide boarding and education for orphaned children in Ghana, West Africa.  100% of the proceeds go towards the cause.

The Picture Book Project Foundation is a non-profit organization that gives artists and art enthusiasts an opportunity to help and inspire children in need. Their mission is to bring continued resources and support to orphaned and underserved children around the world, while extending the talent and good will of the artist community to communities of children in need.

Visit the official Art Blocks for Ghana blog here

We would like to introduce you to the faces of this special project here

SATURDAY, MARCH 12th, 7pm to 11pm

ADMISSION (for March 12th event): $40 presale, $50 at door

• Complimentary exhibit catalog
• Mingle with over 50 of the contributing artists
• See all of the artwork in person and bid online for your favorite
• Silent Auction for exciting items like Toys Story 3 Signed Book, How to Train a Dragon Signed Book, Nicole Gustafsson original Artwork, Isaac Orloff Signed Art Prints, Catia Chien Etchings, and much more (one night only)
• Watch artists create a collaborative art block
• Complimentary wine provided by 
Francis Ford Coppola Winery 
• Complimentary food
• Live DJ

Presale tickets can be purchased online 
(group pricing available). Buy tickets
100% of ticket sales benefit the charity

Online Art Auction Details:

All artwork is available through auction here
Bids can only be placed online.
Online bidding is from March 12th through 20th

Exhibiting Artists Include:

Albert Lozano
Alena Wooten
Alex Puvilland
Alexandra Boiger
Alina Chau
Allison Isenberg
Amber Hardin
Andrea Blasich
Anthony Whitfield
Antoine Bertrand
April Torres
Armand Baltazar
Arthur Fong
Beige Luciano-Adams
Ben Butcher
Bill Carmen
Bill Frake
Bill Presing
Blake Lemons
Bob Mackenzie
Brenda Chapman
Bryan La Shelle
Bryan Useo
Carlos Felipe Leon
Carlos Zaragoza
Caroline Frydlender
Catia Chien
Celine Gobinet
Charlene Kelley
Chris Bancroft
Chris Sasaki
Chris Wedge
Christelle Moulart
Christian Robinson
Christian Schellewald
Christina Song
Christophe Lautrette
Chuiing Iia
Cj Guzman
Claude-william Trebutien
Colin Jack
Conrad Vernon
Cory Godbey
Craig Foster
Cécile Lancelot Mauduit
Dan Lopez Munoz
Dan McHale
Dan Owen
Dan Scanlon
Daniela Strijleva
Danny Williams
Daveed Shwartz
David Dibble
David Leonard
David Stodolny
Denise Laws
Devin Crane
Diana Diriwaechter
Dice Tsutsumi
Dominique Bertail
Doug Williams
Ed Bell
Ed Irizarry
Ekaterina Pushkarova
Emma Coats
Enrico Casarosa
Eric Gosselet
Erik Benson
EunJin Suh
Eunmi Ha
Everett Downing
Fred Stewart
Gabriel Monge
Genevieve Godbout
Gerald Guerlais
Glenn Kim
Grace Lee
Grant Alexander
Griselda Sastrawinata
Ian Burkard
Isaac Orloff
Jack Thornton
Jackie Huang
Jake Panian
James Chiang
James Martin
Jason Courtney
Jason Sadler
Jeff Chung
Jennifer Chang
Jeremy Moreau
Jerome Davos
Jillian Finley
John Navarez
John T. Quinn
Jon Hunt
Jonathan Schwinge
Jonathan Wayshak
Judy Jou
Karin Madan
Kathy Altieri
Katie Smith
Katrin Assmann
Katy Hargrove
Ken Pak
Kendal Cronkhite
Kevin Turcotte
Kirsten Kawamura
Krasi Manova
Kristin Labriola
Kyle Macnaughton
Laura Meyer
Lee White
Leighton Hickman
Lindsey Olivares
Lionel Richerand
Lisa Hunt
Lyla Warren
Marceline Gagnon-Tanguay
Margaret Wuller
Maria Lee
Marin Petrov
Marty Baumann
Mary Rappazzo
Matt Jones
Matt Luhn
Matthew Sharrack
Mattias Adolfsson
Max Maleo
Maïlys Vallade
Mi Ran Kim
Michael Daley
Michael Defeo
Michael Isaak
Michael Knapp
Mick Wiggins
Mike Boldt
Mike Lee
Misael Armendariz
Monte Michaelis
Monty Granito
Motoko Wada
Nalena Kumar
Nash Dunnigan
Nate Stanton
Nate Wragg
Nathalie Coirier
Nicolas Weis
Nicole Gustafsson
Noah Klocek
Olivier Tossan
Owen Demers
Pablo Diaz
Patrick Awa
Patrick Hanenberger
Paul Abadilla
Paul Nguyen
Paul Topolos
Peter de Seve
Peter Maynez
Peter Ngyuen
Peter Sohn
Philippe Tilikete
Pierre-Olivier Vincent
Priscilla Wong
Rachel Tiep-Daniels
Ramon Lopez
Rich Tuzon
Richard Daskas
Rick Shmitz
Robert Kondo
Ron DeFelice
Rona Liu
Ronald Velasco
Ronnie del Carmen
Roque Ballesteros
Ross Scroble
Ruben Hickman
Ryan Mc Elhinney
Sam Hood
Sandeep Menon
Scott Morse
Seï Riondet
Shannon Jeffries
Shaun Cusick
Shelly Wan
Sho Murase
Simon Rodgers
Soosa Kim
Stephane Kardos
Stephanie Dere
Stephanie Lew
Steve Purcell
Sylvain MARC
Takao Noguchi
Thomas Cardone
Thomas Leavitt
Tia Kratter
Tianyi Han
Tim Bowers
Timothy Lamb
Tom Rubalcava
Tony Maki
Travis Koller
Trip Park
Valerie LaPointe
Vaughn Ross
Vicki Saulls
Vincent Ngyuen
Vy Trinh
Véronique Joffre
Wendy Park
Willie Real
Wilson Swain
Woon Jung
Yuming Yu

Shelly Wan | "Waiting" | Oil on panel | 10" x 10"

Sponsored By:

Digital Domain
AOL Artists

In Cooperation With:

Hopkins Foundation
Soho Art Materials
New Art Center Gallery
Culture Fix

Above images by: Lindsey Olivares, Dice Tsutsumi, Griselda Sastrawinata, Christophe Lautrette, Nate Wragg, Bill Presing, Véronique Joffre, and Bill Carmen