SpacerTwo Solo Exhibitions: Junko Mizuno's 'Flora Delirium' & Mizna Wada's 'Yummy Haunts'

Two Solo Exhibitions: Junko Mizuno's  'Flora Delirium' & Mizna Wada's 'Yummy Haunts'

Two Solo Exhibitions: Junko Mizuno's 'Flora Delirium' & Mizna Wada's 'Yummy Haunts'
November 13, 2010 - December 6, 2010
Nov 13, 7:00PM - 11:00PM

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We are excited to once again welcome Junko Mizuno and Mizna Wada's return to our gallery with two individual solo exhibitions: Junko Mizuno with 'Flora Delirium' & 'Yummy Haunts' by Mizna Wada

Junko Mizuno is revered for her Gothic kawaii or kawaii noir style, a combination of all that is humorous and tragic. Juxtaposing childlike cuteness and horror, her demented nymphets are bold, colorful, erotic, morbid, yet at the same time comical. Mizunos work is versatile and has been featured in comics, prints, clothing, stationary, and as toys. An accomplished graphic novelist, Mizuno has published numerous novels including Cinderalla, Hansel & Gretel, Little Fluffy Gigolo Pelu, Princess Mermaid, and Pure Trance. Her artwork has exhibited at galleries in New York, Seattle, Toronto, Tokyo, Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Berlin, and Rome. 

In this most recent body of work, Mizuno explores and plays with organic and decorative elements. Unleashing her nymphet terrors free to run amuck amongst a lush, exploding, botanical oasis. Included in the exhibit are new and original paintings, drawings, and sketches. Mizuno will be in attendance to chat and mingle with fans on opening night. A Nucleus exclusive Junko Mizuno t-shirt will also be released for the opening.

Mizna Wada is a illustrator and designer whose wide-eyed, cute yet creepy lolitas are inspired by the horror comics she read while growing up in Tokyo. Wada's girls possess a childlike innocence with a hint of mischief that frequently lend themselves to macabre predicaments. Her works represent a variety of mediums including Gocco prints, paper-cut, acrylic, and vinyl toys. Oftentimes, Wada brings her characters to life in the form of darling hand-made plush dolls. Fashioned head to toe, the beautifully adorned, one-of-a-kind and expertly crafted creations are nothing short of charming and an absolute delight.

Inspired by the Hansel & Gretel fairytale, Wada has created a comical series of ink-drawings, paintings and plush dolls that are a delicious combination of sinfully sweet with a terrifying twist. Limited Edition and signed Gocco prints by the artist will be available opening night.

Mizna Wada | Feed Time | Ink on watercolor paper | 4X6 inches