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Edwin Ushiro Solo Show

Edwin Ushiro Solo Show
June 23, 2007
Jun 2, 7:00PM - 11:00PM

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Although he's a master colorist, Edwin Ushiro doesn't just paint with color, but with sensations and emotions. He's inspired by his Hawaiian background, but sometimes the richness of nature is abstracted, as in a living and breathing Japanese print. You can feel the foliage brush against your face; you can smell the salt in the warm ocean water... And his characters...your heart penetrates their souls, and they penetrate yours. It's like you know each of their warm smiles or silent troubles; you've put your arm around them in a past life you've momentarily forgotten. In these faces, in these forests, in this twilight, you dissolve. Suddenly and silently you're everywhere, no longer looking at the world, but breathing through it.