The Art of No More Heroes by Masanori Ushiki & Kozaki Yusuke

The Art of No More Heroes by  Masanori Ushiki & Kozaki Yusuke

June 25, 2022 - July 10, 2022

Jun 25, 5:00PM - 8:00PM

An exhibition of artwork by Nintendo Character Designers: Kozaki Yusuke and Masanori Ushiki
Rare original production drawings for No More Heroes will be on display and available for purchase along with the artists' other works. 

OPENING RECEPTION DETAILS (June 25, 2022, 5pm - 8pm PST)

  • FREE admission No RSVP needed
  • New stickers, prints, and exclusives released
  • Masanori Ushiki and Yusuke Kozaki will be flying in from Japan to be in attendance on opening night to greet fans and sign items
  • There will be an outside signing fee of $10 books and posters. Signing fee is waved for NMH game boxes
  • The last hour 7pm - 8pm will be reserved for Masanori and Yusuke to sketch on shikishi boards.
  • Shikishi sketches are $20 each. Customers must provide their own Shikishi boards. Only 5 slots available for each artist. Tickets below, limit one per customer.

TWITCH STREAM INTERVIEW (June 25, 2022, 3pm - 5pm PST)

  • Tune in to the Gallerynucleus Twitch on opening night as we interview both artists
  • Viewers will be able to ask them questions. *we may not be able to get to all questions. 
  • Only the "Villains" and "Heroes" prints will be available online for purchase during the live stream. Both prints will be signed by Masanori and Yusuke respectively!
  • 3:00 - 4:00 artist interview
  • 4:00 - 5:00 live shikishi sketching (only 4 slots per artist, tickets available below, shikishi boards will be provided, shikishi boards will be shipped to non local buyers, additional shipping rates may apply)

EXCLUSIVE RELEASES (available online / in store starting 3pm PST June 25)

Confirmation Print (Masanori Ushiki)

Villains Print (Masanori Ushiki)

Heroes Print (Yusuke Kozaki)

Fu Sticker / Print (Masanori Ushiki)

Visitors Art Book

Yusuke Kozaki is a prolific illustrator, manga creator, and character designer for the animation, film, and video game industries in Japan. Starting out as a manga artist in 1997, Kozaki-san has since worked on several well known video games, comics, and films. His manga Donyatsu was made into an animated series. Some of the notable titles include:
  • Pokemon Go (Illustrator / Character Designer)
  • Fire Emblem (Illustrator / Character Designer) Awakening, Fates, Heroes
  • No More Heroes (Illustrator / Character Designer)
  • Tekken 7 (Character Designer)
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Illustrator / Character Designer)
  • Speed Grapher (Illustrator / Character Designer)
  • Super Smash Bros (Character Designer) Robin, Lucina, Corrin
  • Donyatsu (Writer / Creator)

For more on Yusuke Kozaki go HERE

Born in Niigata prefecture in 1981. He lives and stays in Meguro-ku, Tokyo. Since Graduating from Musashino Art University drawing school, Masa has worked for a stationery maker, a web production company, he eventually found himself as a freelance illustrator and artist.

Masa likes to present work tailored to the times and media of today. From humorous portraits to fashion conscious works based on aspects of boys’ culture such as manga, animation, special effects.

For more on Masanori Ushiki go HERE


Some artwork may be paid for in installments. Please for details.

Event Exclusives