Spellbinders 2

Spellbinders 2

February 1, 2020 - February 23, 2020

Feb 1, 5:00PM - 8:00PM

Gallery Nucleus is proud to announce the return of these spellbinding artists! This magical group show is filled with entirely new work from Heikala, Meyoco, Sibylline Meynet, and Ruka Ito.

Exhibition details:
  • New artworks from each artist will be on display/for sale
  • New exclusive prints will be released opening night
  • Sibylline Meynet and Ruka Ito will be in attendance to sign prints!
  • Refreshments will be served

Heikala - Heikala is a Finnish illustrator who uses the traditional mediums of ink and watercolour to tell stories and bridge the divide between mundane and magical. 

Meyoco -  Meyoco is an illustrator based in Southeast Asia, whose art is both beautiful and nostalgic, with nuances of circa 1990 Sailor Moon, florals, waves, and vibrant colors. Her work is mostly inspired by Japanese comics and is influenced by western animation, and pop culture.

Sibylline Meynet - Sibylline Meynet is an illustrator based in Paris, France. She has worked for Hachette Pratique, Boom! Studios, Valiant and L'Epopee Temporelle. When not working on comics and commissions, Sibylline likes to draw women in a peaceful environments, surrounded by stars, flowers and clouds.

Ruka Ito - Ruka is an artist based in Japan that has worked in manga and animation, and is currently working on a secret project with Cartoon Network. She loves drawing magical elements and the beauty of nature.

Night Whale Shark, Ruka Ito
Night Whale Shark
Celestial Watermelon, Meyoco
Celestial Watermelon
Ocean Tears, Meyoco
Ocean Tears
Once in a Blue Moon, Meyoco
Once in a Blue Moon
Floral Milkboxes, Meyoco
Floral Milkboxes
The Moon Witch, Meyoco
The Moon Witch
Weightless, Meyoco
Will-O'-Wisps, Heikala
Girl Meets Girl at Obento Mountain, Ruka Ito
Girl Meets Girl at Obento Mountain

Some artwork may be paid for in installments. Please for details.

Event Exclusives

Floral Milkboxes (print), Meyoco
Floral Milkboxes (print)
Once in a Blue Moon (print), Meyoco
Once in a Blue Moon (print)
Sango & Bouro by Ruka Ito - Nucleus Enamel Pin, Ruka Ito
Sango & Bouro by Ruka Ito - Nucleus Enamel Pin