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DREAM DESTINATIONS: A Disney Travel Poster Exhibition

DREAM DESTINATIONS: A Disney Travel Poster Exhibition

August 4, 2018 - August 19, 2018

Aug 4, 5:00PM - 8:00PM

Gallery Nucleus and Cyclops Print Works have teamed up to organize DREAM DESTINATIONS: A Disney Travel Poster Exhibition! We invited a roster of incredible artists to create artworks inspired by the plethora of vacation hot-spots throughout Disney's rich catalog of animated media!

Pack your bags and join us on Saturday August 4th from 6:00 - 9:00PM as each artist takes us on a trip with new, unique travel posters devoted to their favorite Disney titles!

  • Over 35 new and original travel posters inspired by specific Disney animated locales by a huge roster of our favorite artists
  • New exclusive giclees from Gallery Nucleus & screenprints from Cyclops Print Works
  • FREE themed refreshments, FREE admission, ALL ages, No RSVP necessary!
  • VIP Hour from 5-6PM
  • Cotumes highly encouraged
  • More to be announced...!


Adam Johnson
Alexandria Neonakis
Allison Bamcat
Anoosha Syed
Betsy Bauer
Bill Robinson
Benjamin Burch
Caitlin Soliman
Camille Andre
Chie Boyd
Dan Matutina
Dave Perillo
Ellen Surrey
Elsa Chang
Emily Paik
Emily Tetri
Eva Vilhelmiina Eskelinen
Janice Chu
Jasmin Lai
Jason Mclean
Jennifer Ely
Jessica Mao
Jestenia Southerland
Joey Chou
Kat Tsai
Kevin Hong
Lily Nishita
Matthew Doering
Michelle Lin
Mira Ko
Mirelle Ortega
Nico Delort
Oliver Akuin
Saera Wang
Sara Kipin
Steph Laberis
Tara Nicole Whitaker
Vince Aparo
Xinwei Hwang
Zoe Persico

Event image by Xinwei Huang

*Unfortunately there will be no early preview for this exhibition, but artworks will be available for viewing on our website on the midnight of the opening reception.

Disney Fine Art, Cyclops Print Works, Oh My Disney, Walt Disney Studios

Disney Fine Art: @DisneyFineArtCollection
Cyclops Print Works: @CyclopsPrints
Nucleus: @GalleryNucleus
Walt Disney Pictures: @DisneyStudios
Oh My Disney: @OhMyDisney



Where Anyone can be Anything 1/1, Betsy Bauer
Where Anyone can be Anything 1/1

Visit Scenic Peru, Lily Nishita
Visit Scenic Peru

Visit Sunny London: 101 Dalmations, JENN ELY
Visit Sunny London: 101 Dalmations

New Orleans, Oliver Akuin
New Orleans

Aurora's Castle 1/1, Dan Matutina
Aurora's Castle 1/1

The Forbidden Mountain, Nico Delort
The Forbidden Mountain


Some artwork may be paid for in installments. Please for details.

Event Exclusives

Alice in Wonderland (print), Joey Chou
Alice in Wonderland (print)

Kronk Express (print), Matt Doering
Kronk Express (print)

Forbidden Mountain  (print), Nico Delort
Forbidden Mountain (print)

Visit Sunny London (print), JENN ELY
Visit Sunny London (print)

Tulgey Wood  (print), Steph Laberis
Tulgey Wood (print)

San Fransokyo (print), Kat Tsai
San Fransokyo (print)

Cyclops Printworks: Robin Hood (Print), Adam Johnson
Cyclops Printworks: Robin Hood (Print)

Cyclops Printworks: Sword in the Stone (Print), Adam Johnson
Cyclops Printworks: Sword in the Stone (Print)

Cyclops Printworks: Zootopia (Print), Dave Perillo
Cyclops Printworks: Zootopia (Print)

Cyclops Printworks: Three Caballeros (Print), Stephanie Ramirez
Cyclops Printworks: Three Caballeros (Print)

Cyclops Printworks: Peter Pan (Print), Bill Robinson
Cyclops Printworks: Peter Pan (Print)

Cyclops Printworks: Lady and the Tramp (Print), Benjamin Burch
Cyclops Printworks: Lady and the Tramp (Print)

Cyclops Printworks: Lilo & Stitch (Print), Xinwei Huang
Cyclops Printworks: Lilo & Stitch (Print)

OO-DE-LALLY  (print), vince aparo
OO-DE-LALLY (print)

Arendelle See The North Mountain  (print), Eva Vilhelmiina Eskelinen
Arendelle See The North Mountain (print)

Tour of London (print), Chie Boyd
Tour of London (print)

Lahui Beach Alien Tours (print), Jessica Mao
Lahui Beach Alien Tours (print)

Visit Sanfransokyo (print), Jason Mclean
Visit Sanfransokyo (print)