Distance in Exchanging Regret for Beatitude, Edwin Ushiro
Distance in Exchanging Regret for Beatitude


Artist: Edwin Ushiro
Exhibition: Quinquennium Exhibitum: Nucleus 5 Year Anniversary Exhibition
Art Width: 16.25" (41.28 cm)
Art Height: 25.0" (63.5 cm)
Medium: mixed media
Features: Framed
Year: 2009


Hiku, a demigod, won the heart of chiefess Kawelu. Kawelu made him her husband and settled together up in the mountains on the island of Hawaii. There she detained him in her home until Hiku fled from her controlling grasp. Upon Kawelu's discovery of his escape, she grieved refusing comfort, food and eventually died from heartache. A messanger was sent to deliver this news to Hiku. Hiku, still in love with Kawelu decided to venture into the netherworld of Milu where her spirit lingered. With the assistance of his friends he made a long rope to be lowered into the netherworld of Milu where he found Kawelu and lured her back to her village. Making a small incision into the toe of her physical body, Kawelu's spirit gradually entered back into her body. As Kawelu regained consciousness with her husband beside her, she turened to him and exclaimed, "how could you be so cruel as to leave me?" This story parallels a story from my intermediate school years. In 6th grade, my friend Tori Brown, was the girl charmer of our class. He is portrayed here in my painting representing Hiku.



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