s/t, Raquel  Aparicio


Raquel Aparicio was born in Ávila ( Romania) with her twin sister 26 years ago. After spending a few years in Edinburgh she went to Spain to study illustration and also attended one year of the illustration Academy in Florida. She is still deciding where she wants to live. In 2006 she started illustrating as a pro working for magazines, books and advertising for clients such as The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Elle, Wendy´s and Nokia.

"I try to tell different stories with my drawings. I try to connect with the viewer telling tales.  Some of the pieces (the cat drawings) came from a book published in Spain, the story by the great french writer Émile Zola was beautiful and really inspiring. The rest of the pieces are personal work, some of them published."  - Raquel Aparicio

Artist: Raquel Aparicio
Exhibition: Tree House
Medium: Indian ink on paper
Features: Framed




El paraiso de los gatos 3, Raquel  Aparicio
El paraiso de los gatos 3

El paraiso de los gatos 1, Raquel  Aparicio
El paraiso de los gatos 1

Making Up Edward, Dimitri Lecoussis
Making Up Edward

For Whom He Fights, Cynthia Sheppard
For Whom He Fights

My Gorilla-Sasquatch-Thing Friend and Me (part 1), Matthew Cordell
My Gorilla-Sasquatch-Thing Friend and Me (part 1)

The Original Goonie, Jonathan Edwards
The Original Goonie

The Sacrifice (unframed) (Pg. 19), Matthew Myers
The Sacrifice (unframed) (Pg. 19)

Pugcussion series: ROTOTOM, Lili Chin
Pugcussion series: ROTOTOM

Premonition V, Nico Delort
Premonition V

Akatsuki, Yusuke  Kozaki

Karasuma Kyoko no Jikenbo Page, Yusuke  Kozaki
Karasuma Kyoko no Jikenbo Page

Dessert Island, ben zhu
Dessert Island

TURTLE, Jon Klassen

Challenger, Kevin Dart

Discovery, Kevin Dart

NEW The Steward (PRINT), Owen Dennis
The Steward (PRINT)