The Art of Luoman 2, Luoman
The Art of Luoman 2


Artist: Luoman
Width: 9.45" (24.0 cm)
Height: 9.45" (24.0 cm)
ISBN: 9788831252164
Pages: 96
Features: Hardcover


*ADULT CONTENT: This book is intended for ages 16 and up.*

The art of Luoman Vol 2 is a collection of illustration created by Man Luo between 2021 and 2023.

Two years after the release of the first volume, Luoman returns with a new and highly anticipated collection of sensual art. With over 70 color pages, ‘The Art of Luoman - Volume 2’ contains several illustrations in a feminine key, with mythological creatures, ladies, knights, and love stories, all made with the minimalist style and strong textures peculiar to the artist. From the union of essential storytelling and refined oriental art, Luoman’s illustrations can thrill every type of audience with their timeless slices of life.



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