Takarabune [PRINT], Junko Mizuno
Takarabune [PRINT]


Artist: Junko Mizuno
Image Width: 16.75" (42.55 cm)
Image Height: 21.0" (53.34 cm)
Width: 18.0" (45.72 cm)
Height: 24.0" (60.96 cm)
Printing Method: Giclee
Paper Type: Velvet Fine Art
Features: Limited Edition(80)
Signed & Numbered on Piece


About Takarabune: 
Takarabunne is a large ship with treasures such as coral, gold, silver, gemstones and 
The Seven Lucky Gods (七 福神, shichi fukujin in Japanese) on it. 
The ship is often depicted in paintings and sculptures and has been appreciated by many because the image is believed to bring good luck. 
The Seven Lucky Gods are: 
Ebisu: God of Ocean 
Hotei: God of Happiness 
Fukurokuju: God of Longevity 
Benzaiten: Goddess of Music 
Bishamonten:God of Wealth 
Jurojin: God of Wisdom 
Daikokuten: God of Earth 
Only one of them is supposed to be female but I created my own, all-female version of The Seven Lucky Gods for this painting.

During the Edo period, it became a popular custom among common people to place takarabune pictures under one's pillow on the second night of the New Year to induce auspicious dreams and resulting good fortune.


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