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Futakuchi Onna (Two-Mouthed Woman) 3, Junko Mizuno

Futakuchi Onna (Two-Mouthed Woman) 3

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Artist: Junko Mizuno
Art Height: 9.0" (22.86 cm)
Art Width: 12.0" (30.48 cm)
Medium: Acrylic on board

Two-Mouthed Woman

A futakuchi-onna, or “two-mouthed woman,” is a type of yōkai or Japanese monster found in Japanese folklore who is characterized by two mouths ­— one located on her face and a second one on the back of her head beneath her hair. There, the woman’s skull splits apart, forming lips, teeth, and a tongue, creating an entirely functional second mouth.  This second mouth appears on the back of her head, mumbling spiteful words and demanding food.  The supernatural aspect of the women in these stories is usually concealed until the last minute, when the self is revealed and surrounding characters find out the woman’s true nature.

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