Candy War Limited Edition Gocco print, Mizna Wada
Candy War Limited Edition Gocco print


Artist: Mizna Wada
Exhibition: Roll the Dice: A Board Game and Art Exhibition by Mizna Wada and Naoshi
Height: 6.0" (15.24 cm)
Width: 4.0" (10.16 cm)
Features: Limited Edition(30)
Signed & Numbered on Piece




Welcome To The Hell, Mizna Wada
Welcome To The Hell

NEW Snake Woman, Mizna Wada
Snake Woman

Trash , Mizna Wada

Doughnut Tour - Wonderful beach (print), NAOSHI
Doughnut Tour - Wonderful beach (print)

Mary (2007-2014), Mizna Wada
Mary (2007-2014)

Anchin Kiyohime, Mizna Wada
Anchin Kiyohime

Dragon Has Come, Mizna Wada
Dragon Has Come

Baby from the eye, Mizna Wada
Baby from the eye

Vacation, Mizna Wada

Anchin Kiyohime (Print), Mizna Wada
Anchin Kiyohime (Print)

First Ribbon, Mizna Wada
First Ribbon

Moth Trapping, Mizna Wada
Moth Trapping

Street Lamp Girls, Mizna Wada
Street Lamp Girls

Eyeball Girl Dryad, Mizna Wada
Eyeball Girl Dryad

Eyeball Girl Luna, Mizna Wada
Eyeball Girl Luna

Daybreak Comes Soon, Mizna Wada
Daybreak Comes Soon

Sweets Time, NAOSHI
Sweets Time

Rock from the Sky - Page 10 (Print), Jon Klassen
Rock from the Sky - Page 10 (Print)

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Hot Spring (Print)

The Rockwall (PRINT), Laura Bifano
The Rockwall (PRINT)