January 20, 2013
Infrequent Consideration, Bryndon Everett

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Title:Infrequent Consideration
Artist:Bryndon Everett

This is a redesign of a personal digital piece I did some time ago. My recent Foray into the world of graphic Novels has given me a new perspective into composition and color. I wanted to bring the idea of multiple panels to convey one moment into my PIN work. Hang these two pieces as close to, or far from each other as you see fit, and make it your own. "Across the room?" -Sure, Why not? This is one of my favorite works I've done, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

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Medium:Pencil, prismacolor pen and marker, and acrylic paint on heavy paper


About PIN

Moderated by Nucleus, this online gallery showcases quality original artwork at affordable prices. All work measures 5"x7" and is priced at $50 or $100. Artists are welcome to submit for possible inclusion in this project. Proceeds from each sale benefits the artist's chosen charity. What used to be an annual event is now ongoing and always inspiring. Check back regularly for new submissions.



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Marjolein Caljouw
Victoria Celeste
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Sam Wolfe Connelly
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Petri Design
Jono Doiron
Rebecca E Dreistadt
Kiersten Eagan
Stephane Eck
Craig Elliott
Josh Evans
Bryndon Everett
Jean Fhilippe
Veronica Fish
Tiffany Ford
Owen Freeman
Shannon Freshwater
Randy Godawa
Edweird Gray
Chuck Groenink
YooJin Guak
Caitlin Hackett
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Rukmunal Hakim
Katey-Jean Harvey
Serena Henderson
The Wooden Heroes
Kate Hindley
Kristin Hughes
Brian Ignacio
Tuomas Ikonen
Nick Iluzada
Mari Inukai
David Jien
Ewelina Kara
Cassie Kelly
Ellen J. Kim
Steve Kim
Chris Koehler
Amy Kollar
Olga Kosheleva
Effie Lada
Bats Langley
Abigail Larson
Mindy Lee
Debbie Lee
Qin Leng
Jennifer Lewis
Sean Lewis
Daniel Lim
Ericka Lugo
Tim Mack
Ashley Mackenzie
Jen Mann
Perry Dixon Maple
Gina Martynova
Lucy Mazel
Austin McCormick
Kelly McKernan
Mark McMahon
Mich Mendoza
Elia Mervi
James Miller
Elena Mir
Cuddly Rigor Mortis
Hana Mulyati
Chris B. Murray
Kohei Nakajima
Zach Oldenkamp
Lavennz Ooi
Teerawat Palanitisena
hsinping Pan
Liza Pandy
Pierre-Paul Pariseau
Guy Parkhomenko
Cristina Natsuko Paulos
Romina Perez
Natalia Pierandrei
Claire Pinatel
Josie Portillo
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Jessica Rae
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Michael Slack
Rupert Smissen
S.A. Smith
Kim Smith
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Winston Suk
Erlend Tait
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Adam Tamte Volker
Marloes de Vries
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Jee-Shaun Wang
Karen Watkins
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Selena Wong
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Victoria Ying
Joel Zuercher
dennis a.
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jill labieniec
sandeep menon
yasmin mundaca
jason snyder
gordon wiebe
gabriela zapata


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