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SpacerSystema Naturae: Aeris

Systema Naturae: Aeris

Systema Naturae: Aeris
July 16, 2010 - August 9, 2010
Jul 16, 7:00PM - 11:00PM

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Natural world themes of Systema Naturae are explored further in the third installment titled Aeris.

As our atmosphere, air conducts the passage of light, acting as a medium that allows people to interpret the physical world in color. An indirect response to this exchange is the human perception of reality, and the creation of art to express these perceptions. Systema Naturae: Aeris takes inspiration from these naturally occuring systems, and the ideas drawn from air itself: flight, freedom, and infinite possibilities.

Bring your appetite opening night as Rocco's Tacos will be here serving traditional and fusion tacos.

Michael Brown creates images through the use of animal manipulations to investigate the capacity of human intelligence, and his portraits convey these dark musings in a surreal, broody style.

Frieda Gossett, upon graduating from Art Center, began crafting beautiful animal pieces from leather, an ironic and interesting approach towards the relationship between animals and their surroundings.

Andrea Offermann creates a feeling of discord that often exists when science interacts with nature with finely detailed fantasy scenarios that impose wildlife on industrialized cities and other symbols of civilization.

Jaime Zollars' narrative illustrations recall the hope and melancholy common in fairy tales and childhood fables. Different embodiments of nature are integral to the heroines in her work.