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Systema Naturae

Systema Naturae
April 14, 2007 - May 7, 2007
Apr 14, 7:00PM - 11:00PM

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This exhibition will display four remarkable artists creating work visually and thematically to the ideas of Nature.Using “systems of nature” as a creative platform, they compose a body of work that explores our surroundings, behaviors, and mythologies and results in a beautiful and peaceful group of artwork creating a system that is imposed by the use of nature and or ideas of nature.

Andrea Offerman, known for her beautifully intricate illustrations, has approached her new works as a system of distinct and obscure maps. She has reduced the amount of information to offer a syntax unique to a developmental project. It creates a scientifically logical yet theological response to the ideas inherent found in nature.

Frieda Gossett studied at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA and graduated in 2004 with a BFA. She is known for her beautifully crafted leather works creating a peculiar relationship with animals and surroundings. She has shown in various galleries throughout Los Angeles.

Jamie Zollars draws her inspiration from fairy tales and Flemish painters. She has created narratives to explore new thoughts and ideas of natural curiosities. Referencing a scientific approach, Zollars plays with the idea of unnatural progression of our surroundings. This new work is about the beauty and wonder of a vast natural world, and the human tendency to try to control this world.

Michael Brown speaks about hierarchies in class and how maintaining this status through manipulation becomes an illusion of greater power. He emphasizes the desire for greater privelege within each human being and what it is to exist. Brown looks at the similarities of humans and the specific rules and laws that go beyond self appointed ones. He creates images through the use of animal interactions and manipulations to investigate our own intellectual capacity.