Blog Submission

If you feel you have some artwork or content that would fit the theme of our blogs, or is worth mentioning, please feel free to send us this form. We will try to review all the blog submissions and notify you if we decide to post your suggestion (it may take a little time, and we may not be able to respond to all submissions). Thanks!

Art Submission Terms

  1. All work must be in original media (pencil, oil, watercolor etc...). Please - no digital work or prints unless the final piece contains at least 30% original media, for example, acrylic painted on a printed image or a collage of printed work and water color.
  2. The work can be 2D or 3D and no larger than 24" x 36".
  3. All work submitted must be available for sale and be shippable in the event that it is chosen for a future art exhibition.
  4. If your work is chosen for the blog we will try to notify you when it will be posted.
  5. Most artwork featured in the blog will most likely also be in the physical exhibition, should we have one. If your work is chosen for an exhibition we will give you more details several weeks prior to the show.

Blog News Submission Terms

  1. The blog news should be relevant to the blog's theme.
  2. Please send a link with the description of the news.

Blog Choice

Contact Information

Art Submission

You can submit an image of your piece that is relevant (and up to 3 detail images). Please make sure images are at least 500 pixels wide (any height), and in JPG format.

News Submission

You can submit a link to a related blog post or news that you'd like us to consider.