The Girl Show

The Girl Show

September 3, 2005 - September 21, 2005

Sep 3, 11:00AM - 3:00PM

A group show of over 40 female artists! This show focuses on artists that often portray females within their work.

Opening reception is Saturday, September 3rd. 7pm- 11pm

  • There will be live music (to be announced)
  • Complimentary drinks provided
  • Female shoppers will recieve 10% off all in store items from 7 to 11 pm


Abby Goldsmith
Alayna Magnan
Andrea Offerman
Anna Chambers
Brianne Drouhard
Cat Chien
Chantel Gentry
Christen Ciaccio
Cristina Natsuko Paulos
Crystal Yin
Chu-Hui Song
Debbie Huey
Elizabeth Ito
Evah Fan
Frieda Gossett
Hope Larson
Heather Chavez
Jaime Zollars
Jeana Sohn
Jenny Gase-Baker
Jill Friemark
Josie Trinidad
Julie Nishioka
Julie West
Karyn Raz
Katie Rice
Kelly Tunstall
Kendra Boggs
Lisa Alisa
Lisa Rattivat
Maria Go
Mari Araki
Mari Inukai
Marina Valentina
Mary Hoffman
Megan Brain
Miss Mindy
Nathalie Roland
Nicolette Davenport
Pamela Henderson
Saelee Oh
Sandra Equihua
Valeire Fletcher
Vera Brosgole
Wanyu Chou
Yoko Tanaka
Youshi Li
Yumiko Kayukawa

Girls Are Always Looking for Boys, Yoko Tanaka
Girls Are Always Looking for Boys
Boys Are Always Hunting Girls, Yoko Tanaka
Boys Are Always Hunting Girls
Untitled (part of Belle and Sebastian series), Catia Chien
Untitled (part of Belle and Sebastian series)
Throwing Knives With Such Accuracy, Evah Fan
Throwing Knives With Such Accuracy
Where The Blue Grass Grows, Miss Mindy
Where The Blue Grass Grows
They Are Having Hot Sex, Youshi Li
They Are Having Hot Sex
Sylvia Took Her Dancing Seriously, Kendra Boggs
Sylvia Took Her Dancing Seriously
They Eat Everything in Sight, Lisa Alisa
They Eat Everything in Sight

Some artwork may be paid for in installments. Please for details.