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The Little Prince Tribute Exhibition

The Little Prince Tribute Exhibition

March 26, 2016 - April 24, 2016

Mar 26, 6:00PM - 9:00PM

An exhibition celebrating Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's novella, The Little Prince

Please check back to this page as we announce more details...!

Exhibiting Artists

Alexander Juhasz
Allie Strom
Betsy Bauer
Carrie Liao
Celine Desrumaux
Cheyenne Curtis
Chris Appelhans
Drew Hartel
Heather Franzen
Janice Chu
Kevin Jay & Brian Stanton
Leonardo Santamaria
Mark Osborne
Maddie Osborne
Manddy Wyckens
Mathilde Kitteh
Pauline Merlaut
Phillip Light
Sang Eun Song
Seb Mesnard
Tiffany Ford
Trung Nguyen
Violane Briat
Zoe Persico

cover image by Janice Chu
rollover image by Leonardo Santamaria

New Friend, Sang Eun Song
New Friend

It's too heavy, Carrie Liao
It's too heavy

Roses, Zoe Persico

Cosmos, Drew Hartel

Little Prince & Fox, Chris Appelhans
Little Prince & Fox

The Businessman, Chris Appelhans
The Businessman

Little Prince Character Study, Chris Appelhans
Little Prince Character Study

He burst into laughter, Violaine Briat
He burst into laughter

PURINSU, Mathilde Kitteh

Five Thousand Roses, All Alike, Heather Franzen Rutten
Five Thousand Roses, All Alike

The Wind in the Wheat, Heather Franzen Rutten
The Wind in the Wheat

Home, Janice Chu

Tamed, Janice Chu

"Draw me a sheep", Phillip Light
"Draw me a sheep"

The Color of Wheat, Allie Strom
The Color of Wheat

"même les fleurs ont des épines...", Celine Desrumaux
"même les fleurs ont des épines..."

My Rose, Mark Osborne
My Rose

About Birds, Mark Osborne
About Birds

La Fleur, Kevin Jay Stanton
La Fleur

Into the Black, Leonardo Santamaria
Into the Black

A Garden of roses, manddy wyckens
A Garden of roses

Farewell, Fox, manddy wyckens
Farewell, Fox

La couronne dorée (French) /The gold crown), Pauline Merlaut
La couronne dorée (French) /The gold crown)

Only Children Know What They Are Looking For, cheyenne curtis
Only Children Know What They Are Looking For

The land of tears, Sebastien Mesnard
The land of tears

Prince and Fox, Tiffany Ford
Prince and Fox

Little Prince -I finally realized-, NAOSHI
Little Prince -I finally realized-

A Hat, Betsy Bauer
A Hat

More Important, Trungles
More Important


Some artwork may be paid for in installments. Please for details.