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SpacerArtist as Brand with Greg Spalenka

Artist as Brand with Greg Spalenka

Artist as Brand with Greg Spalenka
November 26, 2010 - November 28, 2010

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The world of illustration and fine art commerce has changed radically! Yet most artists are still tied to the conventional and now outdated promotional models that have been around for decades. It is time to embrace a new paradigm of art marketing and sustainability.

Greg Spalenka's Artist As Brand Workshop offers a groundbreaking solution for career longevity and prosperity: Produce your own unique art empire. Learn how to connect your art with your passion, promotion, and patrons, aligning every dollar you make with who you are and what you love. The Artist As Brand Workshop is for serious individuals who want to fuse their creative and financial destinies.

Join Greg for this transformational artist boot camp. Guaranteed to be unlike any workshop or class you have ever taken.

Greg Spalenka, the Anthony Robbins of artistic and promotional empowerment has created award winning art in the publishing, gallery, and film worlds for 28 years. You can see his most recent work in the December release of the feature film, "The Chronicles of Narnia. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader."

The Artist As Brand™ workshops are a culmination of heart wisdom, and entrepreneurial knowledge distilled down to core principles.

This intense workshop is only $300!

SSIA Members and SILA Members, please inquire about discounted rates by contacting info@gallerynucleus.com

In three days you will accomplish the following:

1. Declare Your Purpose

  • Knowing your core virtue is the first step to establishing a foundation which your career is built upon. You have been living this powerful virtue your entire life, but may not have known how to access it fully or put into words. Declaring your core purpose aligns your heart with your art in a profound manner.
  • Design a personal logo/heraldic shield to represent this facet of yourself.
  • Design a vision board around your core virtue that will inform your niche markets.
  • Practice the art of the Blurb.

2. Plan Your Brand

  • Design your art and product line.
  • Create an innovative marketing blueprint that integrates high tech and high touch medias.
  • Learn the simple yet powerful art of business and commerce.
  • Connect with artist entrepreneur leaders.

3. Empower Your Prosperity

  • Commit to sustainability.
  • Recognize the potential in team building, and the power of a Mastermind.
  • Conceptualize a product ready for manufacture.
  • Be promoted on the Artist As Brand™ website.
  • More