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Ficelle, Veronique Meignaud


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Art Height: 11.0" (27.94 cm)
Art Width: 7.0" (17.78 cm)
Medium: Watercolor pencils
Features: Signed
Year: 2010

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Véronique Meignaud (aka Marmotte) is a French freelance illustrator currently living in Paris. After two years of studies at the Emile Cohl Art School (Lyon / France), she dedicated almost five years working for the video game industry as concept artist. Marmotte is currently working for several publishers and making her way into the fashion industry. In addition, her own personal art projects are on-going, such as KEROGEN, an illustration book that will be published by the fresh Venusdea label (directed by Barbara Canepa & Clotilde Vu - Soleil Editions).

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