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Mechanism, Coco


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Artist: Coco
Art Height: 21.5" (54.61 cm)
Art Width: 21.5" (54.61 cm)
Medium: Silk print
Features: Signed
Year: 2010

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As an illustrator, Coco Pit’s background gave her a unique insight into fashion. After spending five years studying fine arts in Paris, she worked as a communication consultant for many leading fashion designers. In 2004, she relocated to London to set up getconfused – a company which offers consultancy and creative solutions to clients from all around the world. Coco began producing illustrations as a favor to friends in the fashion industry and through those favors, started to receive press interest. Now she creates imagery for publications spanning both the independent and mainstream press. Her works reflect a mix several techniques but aims for a restraint and minimalistic feel in the finished work.