Flight 4, Kazuhiro Kibuishi
Flight 4

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Artist: Kazuhiro Kibuishi
Width: 6.6" (16.76 cm)
Height: 10.0" (25.4 cm)
Depth: 0.7" (1.78 cm)
ISBN: 9780345490407
Author: Kazu Kibuishi
Pages: 345


A full-color graphic anthology of short stories by some of the hottest creators in the field, FLIGHT, Volume Four is the newest addition to a great success story in graphic novel publishing.

Since 2004, when the first Volume of Flight burst on the scene, the publication of subsequent volumes has become a highly anticipated annual event. Artists are constantly contacting Kibuishi (the editor of the Flight volumes and himself a contributor), asking to be included in the next volume of Flight. So it's no wonder Flight has ascended so rapidly in the graphic novel universe, becoming a fan favorite and developing a rabid following. Each contributor's story in the anthology represents a labor of love, and that fact shines through in the overall quality of the series.



Copper #32 - Slowrider - January 2006, Kazuhiro Kibuishi
Copper #32 - Slowrider - January 2006

Ghost Bus, Kazuhiro Kibuishi
Ghost Bus

Copper #5 - Climbing - March 2003, Kazuhiro Kibuishi
Copper #5 - Climbing - March 2003

Copper #29 - Dancers, Kazuhiro Kibuishi
Copper #29 - Dancers

Three Tree Ghost, Kazuhiro Kibuishi
Three Tree Ghost

Charnon House, Kazuhiro Kibuishi
Charnon House

Copper #37, Kazuhiro Kibuishi
Copper #37

Copper #39 - Market Place -, Kazuhiro Kibuishi
Copper #39 - Market Place -

Flight 6, Kazuhiro Kibuishi
Flight 6

$24.95 $19.96
Flight 7, Kazuhiro Kibuishi
Flight 7

$24.95 $19.96
Copper, Kazuhiro Kibuishi

Explorer The Mystery Boxes, Kazuhiro Kibuishi
Explorer The Mystery Boxes

Tarot of the Divine by Yoshi Yoshitani, Yoshi Yoshitani
Tarot of the Divine by Yoshi Yoshitani

Ex.Mag vol 3 - Crumbling Kingdom
Ex.Mag vol 3 - Crumbling Kingdom
Rohan, Beverly Arce

Rêverie: The Art of Sibylline Meynet, SIBYLLINE
Rêverie: The Art of Sibylline Meynet
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