The Truth about Dragons, Jaime Zollars
The Truth about Dragons


Artist: Jaime Zollars
Width: 10.4" (26.42 cm)
Height: 10.3" (26.16 cm)
Depth: 0.65" (1.65 cm)
Pages: 40
Features: Hardcover


A spellbinding picture book about the anxiety and excitement of a new experience, represented by a castle full of dragons that aren't quite what they appear.
As a young girl cautiously approaches a castle full of soaring, roaring dragons, she worries about their wildness and their terribly sharp teeth. And indeed, the dragons are hungry and noisy, and they seem to be hovering closer and closer . . . until the girl notices that some of the beasts are wearing mismatched socks. And some are playing tambourines. And some prefer to color quietly in the corner. Could there be more to these dragons than the girl first realized?
In this remarkable debut, every page turn reveals another dragon meticulously transformed into a friend, each child working through his or her own overwhelming first day of school. Inspired by the author's daughter, The Truth About Dragons encourages young readers to see beyond their fears to the often surprising truths underneath . . . and to find their inner dragons.



The Art of VIVO
The Art of VIVO
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