Zawa Zawa: Treasured Art Works of Ashley Wood
Zawa Zawa: Treasured Art Works of Ashley Wood


Height: 8.2" (20.83 cm)
Width: 6.2" (15.75 cm)
Depth: 0.75" (1.91 cm)
Pages: 224


Soldiers! Girls! Robots! The award-winning Australian illustrator Ashley Wood’s first art book is now officially available in North America.

This comprehensive collection of the best of Ashley Wood’s work covers nearly 400 “treasured” art works in a range of media, from his oil paintings, sketches and drawings, to his package and figurine designs. These works have either been unpublished or have only been available in previous exhibition catalogues. Inspired by Osamu Tezuka (the legendary Japanese manga artist) and Nobuyoshi Araki (the Japanese photographer), Wood is in constant motion developing new epic stories and expanding universes populated with his designs and creations for toy lines, comics, videogames, film, and music. He continues to evolve and inspire many new artists. This is a must-have book for hardcore Ashley Wood fans around the world.

About Ashley Wood’s digital oil paintings:
First he draws a sketch with a thick black marker. Then he scans the sketch and draws it digitally. Then he prints it out on a large canvas and does the oil painting on top of the print-out. After scanning the oil painting, he adjusts the details digitally. He does this several times until he feels the art work is finished.
This combination of oil painting and digital drawing is the foundation of his iconic style and is respected from many artists around the world.