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Border Bang, Jorge R. Gutierrez
Border Bang

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Artist: Jorge R. Gutierrez
Exhibition: Los Dos: An Exhibition by Sandra Equihua y Jorge Gutierrez
Features: Limited Edition


Signed Pre-Orders will be shipped out after LOS DOS: AN EXHIBITION BY SANDRA EQUIHUA Y JORGE GUTIERREZ signing event. Please allow 3-5 business days shipping & handling.

The acclaimed director of The Book of Life returns with an original art book celebrating the mix between American pop culture and Mexican folklore.  This bilingual (English-Spanish) book is a loving reflection of Mexican artist Jorge R. Gutiérrez’s childhood narrative of the re-appropriated pop culture references he grew up with, seeing them on his daily walks across the Mexico–U.S. border.  Gutiérrez created more than 100 paintings in his unique style, each proposing a bootleg version of popular characters, artists, and musicians, from Spiderman and the Powerpuff Girls to David Bowie and Tupac Shakur; homage is also paid to Mexican icons, including Frida Kahlo, Pancho Villa, Lucha Libre, and the 1986 Mexican World Cup mascot. 
As the new American administration’s politics raises awareness about migrants all over the world, Border Bang is a love letter to diversity and  cross-cultural dialogue,with appeal to fans of both American pop culture and traditional Mexican folklore.

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