Fundamentals of Composition

Fundamentals of Composition

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Height: 13.75" (34.92 cm)
Width: 9.75" (24.77 cm)
ISBN: 9785904957087
Author: V.A. Mogilevtsev
Pages: 88
Features: Hardcover
In the book Basics of Composition, the author, on the basis of his creativity and experience working with students, tried to understand and explain how a picture is born. With examples of prominent Russian and foreign artists, he shows the process of working on sketches and explains the importance of collecting material when creating a realistic work. Professor V.A. Mogilev introduces the reader to the graphic tools and talks about the main ones. The text is accompanied by a large number of illustrations. The visual row carries the main information load, which makes this book the most understandable and convincing for young artists. This tutorial will be interesting for anyone who wants to comprehend the secrets of professional skill.

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