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Angel Wings

Angel Wings

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March 1944, on the front of Burma, a vast counter-offensive of the imperial Japanese army upsets the allied lines and begins to invade India; our squadron of " Burma Banshees  " must evacuate its base in disaster.

With rage in their hearts, Rob and Philip are forced to abandon Angela and Jinx, whose plane crashed in the jungle; left alone, the two women try to survive and have to face the many perils of the jungle: leeches, insects, humidity, fever, hunger and especially escape the pro-Japanese natives and the fierce "  Japanese Kempeitai,who is stalking them ruthlessly.

Meanwhile, Rob takes part in an improbable airborne operation organized in the greatest secrecy by General Orde Wingate and his "Chindits" and carried out by the famous Colonel "Flip" Cochran, who commands the squadron pilots "daredevils", the "  First Air Commando Group  "; this operation of mad recklessness, unprecedented in the history of the military aviation, claims to lay far behind the enemy lines, on makeshift land, heavy gliders loaded with troops and equipment, in an attempt to take a backhand Japanese troops; the success of this operation, dubbed  Operation Thursday  , could change the course of the conflict in Burma.

But most importantly, it would allow Rob to help his friends lost in green hell!

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