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The Lost Path, Amélie Fléchais
The Lost Path


Artist: Amélie Fléchais
Height: 11.0" (27.94 cm)
Width: 7.5" (19.05 cm)
ISBN: 9781941302446
Author: Jonathan Garnier & Amélie Fléchais
Pages: 96
Features: Hardcover


If you've got the taste for adventure, come join this treasure hunt! Three young boys set off from Camp Happiness, map in hand, determined to be the first to find the treasure before anyone else. But the shortcut they take leads to something far more spectacular and sinister! All manner of magical beasties live in these woods, and the kids find themselves caught between warring Forest Spirits. Will the three boys find their way out of trouble? Get your map and ready, set, go! Amélie Fléchais's incredible artwork combines the best of French illustration with manga influences. A spooky new fairytale, for fans of Over the Garden Wall.


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