The Blister Exists, Little Thunder

The Blister Exists

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Artist: Little Thunder
Height: 8.0" (20.32 cm)
Width: 6.0" (15.24 cm)
Depth: 1.75" (4.45 cm)
Pages: 1200
Features: Limited Edition
Now SIGNED by Little Thunder!

Chinese comic artist Little Thunder debut her illustrated book for the first time with The Blister Exists: The Pole Dancing Moves Encyclopedia. This 1000-page color illustrated book is complete with move names, category, demonstrated by a different girl each time. Each character are uniquely drawn with various costumes, emphasizing that each has its own identity. To say a few words about her alternative passion, here's Little Thunder herself,

"Pole dance is a kind of dance. While some people think of pole dancing as a kind of fitness training, others think of it as something only strippers do. But what people think actually doesn’t matter. Pole dancing is a means of discovering yourself. Your pole dance can display your energy and power. Your pole dance can also showcase your femininity and sexiness. It’s only a choice of style. You can choose whatever form to express yourself."

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