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These are a few things my girlfriend Stella got me for Christmas. She really pays attention.

For the next 3 days, we are offering a 20% discount on all artwork purchased online.  It is a rare opportunity to procure original artwork for less.  Click on our EVENT CALENDAR to view over 50 online exhibitions featuring some very impressive available work.  You can also peruse our HIGHLIGHTED WORK section for work which merits special attention.  If you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact us

Sale runs Friday, December 26 thru Sunday, December 28.  Enter coupon code ART2008 during checkout to receive the discount.

Japanese artist Ryo Sehata has used over 4,000 rolls of cellotape to create 50 installations!

Here's some heartwarming stuff from Crush & Lovely. They went from city to city to ask fifty people a seemingly simple question. The result explores human emotion, thrusting connectedness into the limelight.

Check out Fifty People One Question!


This is footage from the best of the third annual Austrian Hexapod Championships in the category of Dance. These hexapods are too cute.

It is the time of year in which we remember the power of humanity.  The recent California wildfires in our area in which hundreds have lost homes have given those here at Nucleus a greater awareness of others in need.  This awareness has prompted Nucleus to host a Holiday Benefit Auction to help raise proceeds for the American Red Cross.  Our gallery houses many of the available works that we have exhibited through the years since our inception in October 2004.  In contacting the artists of these available works, many have graciously donated their work to be featured in this silent auction.  There will be over 200 works of art featured with bidding available online as well as in person at the gallery.  Starting bids for most work will begin at 50% of the regular sale price.  Bids will be accepted in increments of at least $10.

Online Bidding Starts This Thursday, December 11

All auction work will be viewable online.  Bids can be made online beginning this Thursday.  Online bidders must provide their full name, email, and phone number in order for us to contact winners appropriately.  The identity of bidders will be kept private.

Join Us This Saturday for the Holiday Benefit Auction

All auction work will be displayed in our gallery for two days.  Join us this Saturday, December 13 (7pm-10pm) to see the work in person.  There will be free refreshments in the company of other art lovers.  Each bidder will be asked to provide contact info and will be given a Bidder Number.  The auction will continue on Sunday, December 14 (10am-8pm) concluding promptly at 8pm after which all highest bidders will be contacted no later than December 18.

All of us at Nucleus are excited about this silent auction event in hopes of raising proceeds for increased Red Cross relief efforts while at the same time allowing our collectors an opportunity to procure original artwork affordably in time for the holidays.

If you have any questions about this event, please feel free to contact us

Starting with the Line Weight show, we will feature interviews and statements from artists regarding their work, thought process, etc. We currently have 3 featuring David Jien.

David Jien - Group at Level 2

David Jien - GROUP AT LEVEL 2     Audio


Finish to Start

David Jien - FINISH TO START  Audio


David Jien - DESTINE2RISE   Audio

We'll keep you updated when we add new audibles to the site!  If you want to hear a specific artist or want to request an audible for a certain piece, leave a comment!

This just goes to show what a couple of people and some relatively-inexpensive (compared to the big guys) modern tech can accomplish. Greg Parker manages to record images billions of light years away in his home-built observatory using an 11-inch telescope and modified digital camera. He then sends the images to astrophotography expert Noel Carboni for post-processing and image assembly. The end result is beautiful and inspiring:

Space is the best.