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Our celebration show for WKTLAB TOKYO.TEN'S 42 VIEWS OF TOKYO book is only days away. Here's just a taste of the great music and immense creativity that will flowing (along with the free drinks) this Saturday night!

Hooray for YouTube-browsing! I came across this ridiculously cool video of art in action by Rinpa Eshidan, a team of artists.



"Many people ask us how we can stand to erase the artwork we have worked so hard to create, but our focus is on the process of making art, not the end result. The good news is that the videos we make become a permanent record of the spontaneous artworks created during the filming."

...And check out their website



In preparation for Thinkspace's upcoming show, The Drawing Room, Audrey Kawasaki is in the process of working on a dozen new drawings.

Here's a peek at what's to come:

The Drawing Room will not only feature the work of 24 artists, amongst them Stella Im Hultberg, Amy Sol, Travis Louie, and Mari Inukai to name a few, but it marks Audrey's first endeavor into curating a show herself.

The show will run Nov. 7th - Nov. 29th at Thinkspace Gallery.

Tiffany Bozic | The Symmetrical Truce | Acrylic on maple panel | 32" x 45"


Our dear friend Tiffany Bozic is presenting a new collection of work for her upcoming solo entitled Symmetrical Balance.  The solo is set to open this Saturday, October 25 at Fecal Face Dot Gallery.  The San Francisco artist is widely recognized for her tightly rendered, emotionally charged nature-scapes.  Her work blends traditional painting technique with unlikely combinations of animals and their interactions with the environment.  Bozic's paintings lead the viewer into a surreal, metaphorical and often harsh world.  Using a complex process of masking and staining maple surfaces, Bozic conveys a luminous and pristine representation of her vision of life's struggles and triumphs.

Symmetrical Balance is a continuation of her investigation into the human relationship with the natural world.  Allegorical paintings illustrate the notion that all living things share basic needs and desires: to preserve our fragile body, to forage, to nurture and protect our family.  Revealing the interdependency between predators and prey, humans and our environment, Symmetrical Balance exposes the equilibrium that must be maintained between self-preservation and the other life upon which we depend.

Bozic's work is informed by both interactions with living organisms she has encountered during extensive world travels and her continued research of the specimens collections at the California Academy of Sciences.


Tiffany Bozic | Ineffability | Acrylic on maple panel

Fecal Face Dot Gallery
66 Gough Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 25, 6 to 9 pm
Gallery Hours: Thurs & Fri (4-8 pm), Sat & Sun (12-6 pm)

We recently saw City of Ember. Although the reviews for the movie were not the best, I did find it entertaining. The visuals were stunning and had a charm that was reminiscent of The City of Lost Children and other older fantasy films. This is partially thanks to Chris Appelhans and Khang Le who did the majority of the early concept and development work on the film.

You can check out some of Chris' development work here:

Although Khang has not posted any work from the movie his site is worth visiting:



Michelle Valigura | Two-Headed Purple Hippo

Our cohort in crime Michelle Valigura is at it again with her lovable yet mischievous ways while concocting her upcoming solo at M Modern Gallery entitled Creation Mutation.  We await her inventiveness to be revealed in full fruition this Saturday, October 25 at 7pm.  From the preview images of wood sculptures I have seen thus far, I expect it to feature many splendid delights in all their gene-bending glory.  You should definitely check it out if you are in the Palm Springs area.  Joe Ledbetter and Jophen Stein are also featuring new work at M Modern this weekend.

Michelle Valigura | Siamese Barbers


View more of Michelle's featured work at Nucleus here.

Ok, apparently this has been on the news A LOT but for those who live in a cave (like me), Banksy just had his first show in NYC and what a fantastical show it was! In his own words from the Wooster Collective:

"New Yorkers don't care about art, they care about pets. So I'm exhibiting them instead. I wanted to make art that questioned our relationship with animals and the ethics and sustainability of factory farming, but it ended up as chicken nuggets singing. I took all the money I made exploiting an animal in my last show and used it to fund a new show about the exploitation of animals. If its art and you can see it from the street, I guess it could still be considered street art."

Though a tad preachy, I love how compelling, amusing and completely unexpected this show is. Using animaltronics, Banksy's created a surreal shop of wonders with swimming fish sticks, squirming hot dogs and a rabbit putting on make-up. I just wish I could be delighted by all this in person! You can already find a fair share of videos for Banksy's Village Pet Store on YouTube but you can also find out more info here, and here.

We are really excited and honored to be hosting the WK Tokyo Lab Book/DVD release. I have watched this thing over and over and strongly urge everyone to come out for the release party. Although there will be artwork on the wall, I want to emphasize PARTY as well. I know Halloween will be ending but why not continue the partying at Nucleus before the weekend is over.

FREE ALCOHOLIC DRINKS will be flowing along with some great music by amazing DJs!

The video below is just a taste of the talent of the WK Tokyo Lab and part of the content featured in the DVD.

See you November 1st.

Nucleus is all over the web! Many of you may not know about our social networking accounts so we made a central page where you can find them all. Follow the links and befriend us (if you choose), meet other Nucleus fans in the process, and glean tidbits of information between shows.

Some other good news: we've updated the way we handle shipping during checkout. You no longer select the shipping method on your cart page, but rather when you are checking out through PayPal. The plus side is that you are only presented options that make sense for your destination address (domestic vs. international). We have also added (after many requests) an in-store pickup option to this list for your convenience. Happy shopping!

I've been following the progress of Sketchtravel and the work in it looks amazing.This project is bringing together more than 60 artists from across the globe. Each artist gets one page and can do any art work on it. The rule is that the book must be hand-delivered to the artist by one of the participating artists. Check out what's in the sketchbook so far here.

The Decemberists return to LA (specifically, The Wiltern) the evening of Monday, November 24th! And tickets are still available, so if whimsical and epic storytelling paired with a plethora of instruments is your thing, definitely check them out.

I've admired their album art for a long time, and one day I finally took some time to research the artist. Turns out, it's songwriter and frontman Colin Meloy's girlfriend, Carson Ellis! She has lots of brilliant work dealing with pen and ink, watercolor, and pencil. I'm in love with her use of thin, well-placed lines. Here's her album cover for The Decemberists' most recent CD, The Crane Wife.

This Sunday, October 12, our friends over at Storyopolis are presenting a once in a lifetime event with the legendary Art Spiegelman!!! Art Spiegelman is a revolutionary pioneer, artist, editor, and visionary for the medium of comics and the emerging graphic novel. World-renowned for his Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel memoir, "Maus," and numerous other acclaimed works, Art Spiegelman will be presenting his newest childrens project "JACK AND THE BOX."  The book is published by Toon Books, a company in which he serves as a Series Advisor. JACK JUST GOT A NEW TOY, and it’s full of surprises. Each time the box pops open, there’s a new and bigger surprise. Is it a silly toy, a scary toy...or something else entirely? With a limited vocabulary and unlimited imagination, Art Spiegelman applies his out-of-the-box thinking to a book that has all the surprise and bounce of a Jack-in-the-box. TOON BOOKS represents a whole new approach to books for emerging readers - a rethinking as radical as the first time Theodore Geisel put a hat on a cat. The event will feature a presentation, reading, signing, and more.

When: Sunday, October 12 at 11:00 AM
RSVP required? No
Recommended ages: All ages
Admission price: Free

Visit Storyopolis online at:

We've just posted up a collection of photos from the Endless Reflections show last Saturday. Thanks to everyone who came out and made it a memorable evening - artists and art-lovers alike. The turnout was great and the artwork is incredible - come see it before the show ends! Also thanks to the great dudes at Analog Color for filming for their video channel. Although the art plays a big role in their coverage, they also focus on the galleries that make it all come together. Stay tuned for their video on this show...

Lighten your economic woes by visiting us this weekend for items priced less than wholesale.  This Friday and Saturday, join us for our Blow-Out Sidewalk Sale and pick up some really fun items for yourself and others at great prices.

  • 50-75% off most items
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This Friday & Saturday (October 11 & 12), Noon to 6 pm.  Come early for the best selection.    


For fans of architecture and design, Dezeen is a great blog which consistently posts some really amazing projects from firms, students, and design competitions worldwide. Like info on this funky residential tower being built now in NYC:

It includes at the base, a sculpture by Anish Kapoor... I don't even wanna know what prices these units start at! It makes me wonder too who will be living in that one unit at the very top?

In other NYC related news, Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist is a movie worth checking out. Yes, it's a teen comedy but could possibly be the cutest, dorkiest, and smartest one made in this past decade.


So a while back i had mentioned to someone one day that had a serious craving for Vegan Red Velvet Cupcakes. And the response that followed was a strange look with a comment of "That doesn't sound very appetizing."

So why the sudden excitement over cupcakes? Because I just received the following book in the mail today.











Not only are they the best tasting cupcakes, they've got to be the best looking cupcakes I've ever seen!

In other cupcake news, Twinkiechan who was featured in Giant Robot about 2 years ago for her food scarves, is in the process of making cupcake hoodies.

















The rest of her work can be seen at

I'm really loving Ronald Kurniwan's new artwork and can't wait to see what he is submitting for our Line Weight Show this November. He just updated his website.Check it out

Through a few artists links I discovered this wonderful blog dedicated to Russian art.

I have been following David's work for some time now, ever since he submitted work for our first Ninja Show. His work in the last year or so has really been a feast for the eyes. There is a transcendental quality in his images as well that keeps the viewer engaged in the symbols and possible meanings. We are pleased to have some of his new and original work for the upcoming, highly anticipated Line Weight Show with James Jean, Vania Zouravliov and others.

He just recently posted some lithographs and etchings up for sale. Check them out here:

His blog is here: