One Sweeeeeet Show!

This past weekends Sweet Streets exhibition brought out hundreds of vibrant fashions and personalities. It was a wildly fun event - thanks to all who came down to this side of town to help celebrate. Those who didn't make it, check out the videos below and the fabulous fashion performance by 6%DOKIDOKI. (thanks to Onch,, and Twinkie Chan for the wonderful vids!)

Special thanks to our guests 6%DOKIDOKI and Shin of Matik for the amazing design and work for our runway, sponsors SOSO Happy, Bubblepunch, Sugarpill and Tune in Tokyo for keeping things bumpin'!


This Sunday! Toy Story 3 Artist Panel!

There is no denying the overwhelming success of this past summer's blockbuster Toy Story 3 and it is already being deemed another classic Pixar film.  The project took years to come to fruition and the wait was worth it.

This Sunday, Nucleus is excited to welcome two amazing talents who contributed to the success of the project.  Learn about the process of the film from script to screen from Art Director Robert Kondo and Story Artist James Robertson presenting a rare visual presentation.  A Q&A session and book signing will follow.

Learn more here

Pre-Order your signed copy of The Art of "Toy Story 3" book here

View Robert Kondo's original work featured at Nucleus here

Robert Kondo | Into the Dark | Acrylic | 5" x 7" 


Moonshine Artist Spotlight: Christian Schellewald

Thank you to those who attended the Moonshine Book Signing this past Friday--here's a final Moonshine Artist Spotlight for you all!

Christian Schellewald has worked in the entertainment industry for over 15 years--as layout artist on Balto, as production designer on The Road to El Dorado, The Prince of Egypt, and Shrek 2, and as art director on Over the Hedge. He's also the talented artist behind LA<>SF, a captivating sketchbook depicting his everyday observations of living in California, specifically Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Here are Christian's two contributions to Moonshine, Datsun and Long Beach OT. Although we just de-installed the show, these two pieces will still be available for viewing here, so take a look! Datsun, in particular, is magnificently detailed, revealing the complex structures that lie under the hood.


TOMORROW - Moonshine Book Signing

The long-awaited Moonshine book signing is tomorrow! To remind you all of the excellent details and prizes...


  • Many artists in attendance (check out our event page for updates!)
      Raffle giveaways include...

Save the date, and kick off your Labor Day weekend celebrations with us!

Closing Reception/Book Signing
Friday, September 3rd
FREE admission!


"Melting" shirt Give-Away!


The intention of the shirt design was to stimulate environmental awareness in style. We are giving away 5 FREE shirts in the hopes of raising more awareness and to have fun in the process. To participate is simple:

  1. Take a photo of you/friends doing something positive for the environment. Include a short description of what you are doing and why.
  2. Email it to us at Include your name, contact info, and shirt size male/female.
  3. Wait for your post to show up in our blog and share it on your own FB, Twitter, or blog.

The top 5 submissions will be decided by our staff. Winners will receive one free melting shirt and will be contacted. Creativity and humor is applauded.

Winners will be chosen after 25 submissions. Everyone who submits will automatically get a 15% off discount coupon.

Good Luck! Have Fun!
Check out the shirt HERE


New Print by Invader Zim's Jhonen Vasquez

Fans of Invader Zim creator Jhonen Vasquez are likely to go berserk over this new print release now available here

From the artist, "This one is for all you out there who’ve ever wished they could float around in the clouds, spending your days sinking lightning bolts into various heads."

What's even better is that Vasquez has decided to sign the first 100 prints from this unlimited edition.



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