29 days left to order and receive your domestic shipments by Christmas!
22 days left to order and receive your international shipments by Christmas! Please email us for international shipping after December 10
Winning Raffle Numbers

During this past Saturday's opening reception, we announced hourly raffle prizes in which some prizes were not claimed.  Below are a list of winning numbers.  If one of these numbers matches your raffle ticket, contact us by email at gallery@gallerynucleus.com to claim your prize before Saturday, August 25th.  Thanks!



Dress The Part + Costume Contest!

One of the things that we are most excited about tomorrow is seeing everyone in their Adventure Time threads.  FREE ADMISSION to those who dress as if they just walked straight from the Land of Ooo.  We aren't talking about a Finn hat and an Adventure Time shirt, instead, you really have to play the part.  We pulled some of our favorite costume pics offline as examples here, but put your own spin on it and have fun.  Creative homemade cleverness is welcome.

Costume Contest at 9:30PM
When you have your costume ready, and you think you've really nailed it, you should definitely sign up for our costume contest.  Inquire about it at our front desk.  One of our staff will be walking around with a sign up sheet too.  Be prepared to flaunt your stuff in front of attendees who will be voting for your efforts with rounds of applause.  The best original costume mixed with personality usually takes home the prize.  The prize will include a $50 Nucleus gift card to be used in our store, plus you will be deemed Awesome.

If you have been floating around in Lumpy Space and don't know about this Saturday's event, then catch up on the details here



KaBOOM Comic Signing this Saturday

Now in it's seventh issue due out any day now, KaBOOM's Adventure Time comic series has been extremely successful and receiving rave reviews by fans.  We've snagged a few copies here at Nucleus as well and we love reading them.  They feature recurring comic page artists Braden Lamb and Shelli Paroline with special one-time back stories by talents such as Michael DeForge and Paul Pope among many others.  Chris Houghton is the main cover artist for the series.  He has done the "A" covers for all seven issues thus far.  Houghton is also co-creator of the Image comic book series, Reed Gunther. He has also contributed artwork to other comic book series such as The Simpsons, Atomic Robo, Kung-Fu Panda, and MAD Magazine.  Houghton often shares his progress on the covers on his blog.  There are also varient covers done by artists such as Kassandra Heller, Scott C, Stephanie Buscema, and even Pendleton Ward's mother, artist Bettie Ward.

During this Saturday's opening reception, we welcome cover artist Chris Houghton signing issues #1-6 available in our store.  We will also welcome Kassandra Heller and Becky Dreistadt signing their varient covers.  Meet the artists and get an awesome memento signed.  The signing will be from 8 to 10pm while book supplies last.  Learn more about the event here


Office Space For Rent

Hello! If you live near our Alhambra gallery space, we have some extra office space and are looking to lease out a portion of it to someone who would appreciate a quiet and creative work environment.

There is roughly 8 x 8 feet of work space available. Enough for one computer desk and a book shelf.

Rent is $250 a month, for at least a 6 month commitment, and includes key access, internet access, basic utilities, and we also have a communal fridge.

We prefer quiet, clean, well natured and hard working professionals in the graphic design, architecture, or digital arts field where the nature of work is mainly computer based.

If you believe you would be a good candidate and are interested in a tour of the space, please email us at info@gallerynucleus.com and write OFFICE SPACE as the subject line.

our address:

210 East Main St.
Alhambra CA 91801

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