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We like jokes.
Come into Nucleus and tell us a 'Knock Knock' joke. In return, you'll instantly get 25% off any one item!

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Nucleus Pays the Shipping!

From now through July 4th, we are offering Free Shipping on domestic orders of $75 or more.  Offer ends this Sunday.


Sharpen those pencils!

For all those figure drawing enthusiasts and anyone who has the urge to run up your pencil mileage, Galley Nucleus is presenting an extra SBS session this coming Monday with one 3-hr long pose with a costumed model. Come ready to draw!

Monday June 28, from (7pm - 10pm)


An uninstructed figure drawing workshop with one costumed model.

This is open to anyone 18 and over with a passion for drawing and further study of the human form.




Tickets are $15 and can be bought online or in person.


Enchanté Spotlight: Benjamin Lacombe

Benjamin Lacombe attended the ƒcole Nationale SupŽrieure des Arts DŽcoratifs of Paris (ENSAD) pursuing his education in the fine arts while also working as an advertising and animated movie artist all before completing his first comic series at the age of 19.

He wrote and illustrated his first children's book, Cherry and Olive, which was published in March 2006. The following year, it was released in the U.S. and credited as a top 10 children’s book by Time magazine.

Since, Lacombe has written and illustrated several successful books.  The artist also exhibits his work on a regular basis having contributed to Ad Hoc Art (New York), L’art de rien (Paris), Dorothy Circus (Rome), Maruzen (Tokyo), among others.

*** Visit the artist's blog to learn more about his contributions to Enchanté as he discusses his original works in the exhibit.

To popular demand, we are releasing a new giclée print by the artist (image below) available at this weekend's opening for only $25!



Enchanté Spotlight: Gérald Guerlais

Born in 1974 in Nantes, France, Gerald Guerlais grew up in nine different cities within France. A new school in every city calls for the ability of adaption, he developed keen observation and drawing skills in order to make new friends. He was often inspired by the landscapes around him, as well as the many different and bizarre people he met along the road.

He graduated from the National School of Applied Art (also called Olivier de Serres) and soon after in 1998 Guerlais' creativity blossomed at a webdesign company, an event studio, a video-games studio, and then several animations studios. His portfolio includes clients such as Vivendi Universal Publishing, Excelsior, Bayard Press, Prisma Press, Futurikon, Alphanim and Xilam Animations.

Aside from illustration, the artist has many other interests, including managing the French Comics Artists association "Rendez-Vous" (who published its first book at Akileos publishing in 2009), or co-leading the charity project Sketchtravel a real sketchbook shared by 60 illustrators from all around the world. This concept is not a contest but an international challenge bringing together carefully selected artists. The challenge is to share ideas, concepts, moods and styles of very different talented artists from all over the globe in one common sketchbook (not virtual). The travel started in September of 2006 and the sketchbook has been on the move for over 3 years, 9 months, and 3 days. The last update reported the sketchbook has covered more than 38,711 miles (62,300 km).

currently lives in Paris with his wife Sophie and their daughter Lisa. He is impassioned by animation and illustrations, he has been collecting animation art books and children books since his early years and loves promoting illustration. He has a new children's book coming out soon called Lisa and the Greedy Monster.  Original sketches from the book will be exhibited at this Saturday's Enchanté.



Enchanté Spotlight: Véronique Joffre

With a sophisticated simplicity, Véronique Joffre tackles emotions and concepts at the core of life and the world around us.  The young French artist graduated from Ecole Estienne in Paris and Ecole des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg about three years ago and now has a budding career in popular French children's books such as La chèvre de monsieur Seguin (Lito) and et Contes du Monde (collectif, Amaterra).

The artist has also lent her talents to the Totoro Forest Project, Sketchtravel, and a recently commissioned project for the Puppet Museum of Lyon from which she is now creating a book adaptation.  Her true dream is to write her own stories to accompany the heartwarming imagery that she creates.  The following are quotes permitting a glimpse into the artist's methods and inspiration.

“Nature is much more powerful than anything else and imagination is one of the only things we have to escape from our material world. Nature is the main inspiration for imagination and they are both the greatest creative forces of the world.."

"When I create a picture, I don't like to know where I'm going, I prefer to be surprised by chance, with the shapes and colours that I juxtapose that will create characters, settings and stories almost by themselves.. I cut, I paste, I daub, trying with my pictures to carry people away, children as well as grown-ups!"

We are very pleased to offer a new giclée print from the artist at this Saturday's opening reception of Enchanté (see below)

Véronique Joffre | Village Aux Couleurs | 19" x 13" | $30


McBess' Perfect Saturday Afternoon

We all need those laxed days for letting troubles melt away and sinking deep into our own little world.  During Saturday's opening, we are releasing this popular McBess image as giclee print.  Get yours!

McBess | Perfect Saturday Afternoon | 18" x 24" | $50  


Enchanté Spotlight: McBess

Matthieu Bessudo (AKA McBess) has been on a steak of sorts. Since graduating SupInfoCom, one of France's most prestigious computer graphic schools, his illustrations have appeared in Juxtapoz, Hi-Fructose and Root Magazine. He first grabbed attention as one of the talents behind the Sigg Jones short film, a final project for school that quickly made the rounds on the internet. With an eye towards Asian action flicks, aggressive branding and pop-art illustration, the short 3-D film showed a lot of promise.

A far cry from his work on Sigg Jones, Bessudo's illustrations offer a more home-grown feel, often featuring a stand-in for the artist, complete with long hair and shaggy beard. A musician as well as a visual artist, Bessudo's passion for music fuels his graphic output. His illustrations feature amplifier worship, musician types with feral grins and cartoonish instruments and a lot of rock and roll excess usually played out amidst forests and meadows.

Read interview


Enchanté Spotlight: Alexandre Day

If you've frequented our exhibits over the past two years, you may be familiar with French artist Adolie Day whose work we have now shown on several occassions.  With the coming exhibit focusing on the work of French artists, we've found it a perfect opportunity to also showcase that of her husband, Alexandre Day, an accomplished artist in his own right.  The painter and illustrator has a love for graphite, and possesses the ability to create amazing imagery with just a pencil and gum.  Alexandre focuses on simplicity while still evoking complex emotion.

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Enchanté Spotlight: Rebecca Dautremer

With boundless imagination, French artist Rebecca Dautremer creates captivating worlds and characters captured on the pages of picture books highly coveted by adults and children alike.  With well over a dozen books to her credit in the past fifteen years, she oftentimes reworks classic tales or folklore such as in Cyranno (images below) or Babayaga.  The pages contain endearing and unique subtleties that are a result of the artist working closely with the writers throughout the process of book production.  At times Dautremer has even taken on the role of writer herself or in collaboration with her husband Taï-Marc Le Thanh.  Her imagery possesses a deep sense of intrigue and even melancholy as she employs gouache and sometimes oils.  Dautremer has also recently brought her storytelling and design talents to the animation, Kerity: La Maison des Contes, directed by Dominique Monféry.

We are pleased to be featuring original work by the artist in the upcoming exhibition Enchanté


Nicolas Marlet

As many of you may already know,

The Nicolas Marlet Sketchbook, 1st editions are sold out. However, thanks to your popular demand / "restock requests" from our site, we have been informed by Nicolas Marlet that there will be a second edition printing of 1000 copies signed, numbered, and printed on glossy paper this time.

The release date is to be determined but we will notify everyone through this blog and our newsletter once we know for sure.

Thanks for your support and patience


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