William Wray "Sparrow 9" book signing

We at Nucleus are thrilled to host artist Bill Wray's book signing for the newest addition (the 9th, to be exact!) to the Sparrow series. If you are a fan of traditional painting and alla prima, you will definitely appreciate Bill's work. His use of color, bravura of stroke, and impressionistic style lend a timeless quality to his contemporary urban landscapes.

Stop by tomorrow night (February 28th) from 6 to 9pm to meet and greet the artist himself!

Sparrow creator Ashley Wood spotlights modern illustrators/artists from around the world. Since 2006, Wood has aimed to produce more of a magazine than an art book, featuring editorial content and long interviews. With Sparrow Number Nine, Bill Wray will be taking his place alongside Phil Hale, Glenn Barr, Simon Bisley, John Watkiss, and other artists whose work has graced previous publications.

Check out some more of his work here:





Winner Announced plus Scott C Studio Shots!

Congratulations to Brandi Harris on winning yesterday's giveaway prize, a signed copy of the Great Great Grandshow Catalog signed by Scott C.  If you want to join in on the fun of our Rocket In Your Pocket Contest, there are still a few Rocket fliers available at Nucleus.  Drop by to claim yours.  Our next batch of winning numbers will be announced this Sunday, March 1 at Noon (PST).  At that time, we will also be revealing another work featured in the upcoming exhibit HOME SLICE by Scott C.

In the meantime, here are a few studio shots of Scott C diligently working away on his next masterpiece.  Enjoy! :)

Happy times! :)





Rocket in your Pocket Contest - Winning Numbers!

Greetings friends!  In celebration of the upcoming exhibit...

We are giving away exclusive Scott C collectables from now through March 14.  Read more about the contest here

Today's prize is the first of six to be awarded.  Today's winner receives a Great Great Grandshow Catalog signed by Scott C himself.

The catalog serves as a time capsule for one of our most popular exhibits, the Great Great Grandshow.  The exhibit found Scott C alongside three other talented chaps depicting unknown moments from history.  This is an exciting collection of work that not only inspires, but also makes you chuckle.  Light-hearted in nature, it includes an exclusive interview with the artists as well as progress shots of the work.

Today's Winning Numbers:


If the number on your ROCKET flier matches one of the ten numbers above, call us at 626-458-7482 and leave a message.  The first person to contact us and confirm their winning number will be awarded this prize!

STAY TUNED HERE on March 1, for our next round of winning numbers as well as an exclusive reveal of another Scott C work featured in the upcoming HOME SLICE exhibit.

Prize for this Sunday, March 1:

Scott C's Popular Prints - Set of 3 prints signed by Scott C
Valued at $60!


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Oh Dieline! I Love You!

So recently, I've been reading The Dieline a lot, which is a blog dedicated to packaging design.

And today I came across this:


James Jean recently designed these wine bottles for The Grateful Palate.


The full post can be found here at The Dieline.


New Luke Chueh Print

Hey everyone we just released a print by Luke Chueh! Get them here while they last!


Sushi for Change!

Obama sushi! find out more here (fluency in Japanese would help).

Yes I can...eat this whole thing. *YUM!*

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Scott C has his head in the clouds...at least long enough to get a good look at the goings-on inside one, that is.  A quaint little world where distinguished chaps and lovely ladies sip tea in the company of feathered friends.  Fresh air and sunshine o' plenty.

As promised, today we reveal this exclusive look at a piece featured in Scott C's upcoming exhibition, HOME SLICE.  A cleverly conjured concept of cutaway houses allowing all of us a glimpse of the various characters inhabiting Scott C's world kicking back in the sanctity of their homes.  Scott C tells his stories with an inviting use of watercolors allowing viewers to peak into a scene of informative facts or surprises in time.

We invite you to sign up for the online preview for this event.  Those who do will not only be among the first to see the works online, but receive highly classified and top secret information such as first word of news with additional previews, prize details, and even savings on Scott C related items.  To sign up, simply send us a preview inquiry.

HOME SLICE opens Saturday, March 7 with the genial Scott C in attendance to meet and greet fans.  Read more


Her Morning Elegance Video

I saw this video from browsing Cartoon Brew and loved it. This video for Oren Lavie has great use of animation and the song is wonderful too.

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Nucleus Sketch Book Society

You might have heard by now that we have been hosting these mini get togethers with artists and people who like drawing. After 3 sessions I thought I'd share some photos from those sessions to give people a better idea of what ensues.

A nice huddle/round table of people drawing and chatting.

Everyone came equipped with supplies.

The SBS collaborative sketch book...

...everyone draws in it at least once.

Is that a sun or a ball? SNAKE EYES!!!

Our fourth and next session will include a live model on Feb 18th. You can register ahead of time HERE.
If you don't want to pay $15 for the model session the regular free non model will sessions will be going on as well.

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This Friday: Drew Struzan: An Artist's Vision

So incredibly excited about our upcoming solo exhibit of Drew Struzan's work opening this coming Friday, February 13.  It has been a complete pleasure working with Mr. Struzan.  It truly is an honor to have him at our gallery.  A legend in illustration whose iconic work has indelibly made an impression on the lives of many.  A catalog of culturally influential work which has been emblazoned in the minds of millions over the past 3 decades.  Images that have pervaded all boundaries and spread through nations across the globe while conveying perfectly the overall feeling of the film it is meant to encapsulate.  A true master.

This is a rare opportunity.  We will have on display several original commercial works as well as personal and high quality reproductions.  It is a great moment to stand before these original pieces realizing that this is the origin from which a multitude of images have come to impact our daily lives.

Limited copies of Drew's "Movie Posters" book will be available on opening night.  We also have a rare selection of highly collectible signed posters, most priced under $100.

Help us spread the word about this exciting exhibit.  The artist will be in attendance during this Friday's reception so we hope to see you there!  Free admission and it is open to the public.  Read more

Drew Struzan's official website

Check out this video of filmmakers discussing Struzan's work: Drew Struzan: The Appreciation of an Artist

Read a recent write-up on the popular blog linesandcolors (love this blog)


All Smiles...


I've been smiling all day long because I've realized what a pleasure it is to work with a kind gent named Scott C.  We've been talking a lot lately about his upcoming solo HOME SLICE as it is set to open at our gallery with a fun and unusual reception on Saturday, March 7 (more details).  The work in the show is the largest the artist has done to date and from what I've seen they are oozing with creativity and I admire Scott C.'s way of injecting humor into the work.  It is a hard feat for many artists to master, yet it comes naturally for Scott.

We have a lot of fun things in store over the coming weeks approaching the show.  You can sign up for the online preview and be a part of the fun.  On February 15, you can check here for an online reveal of one of the pieces in the show and you will get a better sense of why I am smiling so much : )




I just saw Coraline in 3-D. I have to say without biasness that this was an amazing film with amazing visuals and a great storyline. This was my first 3-D film experience since Captain EO and Honey I Shrunk the Kids and it was an experience like none other. I was reserved about watching a full length feature in 3-D but it was incredible. Non-stop in my face beauty. The designs and visuals I can't say enough about so I will simply recommend everyone to see it for themselves. If you are a fan or know the work that goes behind old fashioned stop motion animation, you will be blown away even more.

This past Saturday we had the Coraline panel and were extatic that some of the development artists were able to come out and talk to people about their work on the film. Thanks to all those who came out. Here are some photos of the event:

If you missed it you can still see some of the great development work on the artists' respective blogs:

Chris Appelhans
Dan Krall
Jon Klassen
Shane Prigmore
Shannon Tindle


"It isn't art, it's decoration"

I remember when I first heard about the "artists" in China, cranking out these mass produced paintings at an assembly line pace. I know people who own paintings at bargain prices, all imported from China and I wasn't sure how I felt about that then. It seems its now affecting the street artisans of Paris and Artnewsblog.com wrote a big rant of this. See article from BBC here.

I feel the same way about this as I do the canvas prints and framed photographs you can buy at Ikea or Target, it's just decoration not art. But as it affects actual artists trying to make a living off their craft, then that's really really sad and I wish there was something that could be done.

Another article a while back from The New York Times.

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We feel Eric Fortune

A minor preview of what is to come...

Check out this time lapse video of Eric Fortune doing his thing and rockin' on his Street Fighter Tribute piece.

Check out his website and other time lapse videos HERE


Street Art

Roadsworth is a Montreal graffiti artist whose taking "street art" literally. Some pretty creative and interesting stuff:

Check out his site for more coolness.


Track This


Don't you hate not knowing the progress of your packages? It's a hassle checking everyday to find out that your order hasn't even left it's shipper yet. Now we use Trackthis. They'll continually monitor your package and each time the package changes location you'll receive instant updates via Email, SMS messaging, RSS feeds, Facebook, or Twitter. They track UPS, Fedex, USPS, DHL and several other carriers. This is excellent!

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