You need to know about Matik.  When I first met this dynamic duo, I was immediately impressed with their creativity and vision for the Line of Style catwalk that we were commissioning them to construct.  The team consists of two Art Center grads with a wide range of talents and interests continually exploring and developing new territories in design.  They are masters at site-specific installation work and interactive concept pieces.  Their goal is to stimulate curiosity in the people, places, and objects around us.

Keeping true to the concept and aesthetic of the exhibit with an emphasis on line work and the basis behind fabric construction, Matik crafted a 40' long catwalk of interwoven string reaching the 20' height of our ceilings.  The result is impactful.  We cannot wait for you to see it in person.  I will have a time lapse of its construction for you soon.  In the meantime check out some of their other recent projects here


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