2009 Gen Art Award winner and LA Fashion week designer Valerj Pobega will present six pieces from her Spring/Summer 2010 Collection. Pobega is originally from Italy is trained in art and had a successful modeling career, the combination of the two lead her to fashion design. The designer is unique in her craft, each piece she makes is painstakingly hand cut, dyed, trimmed and sewn by her, making each piece a one of a kind, a work of art in itself- “It’s not really about the clothes for me, it’s more about creating something beautiful. I’m an artist at heart and so I need something that drives me towards creating." The 2010 Spring and Summer collection is inspired by Japanese kimonos and the art of Shibori and Kinbaku/Shibari (Japanese Bondage), Pobega sites the photos of Nobuyohi Araki as inspiration. The collection is simple with a limited black, white and beige palette, yet daring and visually compelling.

***Valerj Pobega's collection will be presented at 9:30 pm

Above: The designer with one of her latest designs.


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