TOMORROW NIGHT (!), right after the Alice Artist Panel, we're presenting works by two creative forces that will "awww" with their imagination and ingenuity.

Jared Andrew Schorr creates works of light-hearted subject matter with the patience and precision of paper cuts. The kaleidoscope of colors and playful little monsters featured tomorrow night, will surely bring joy and and warm the hearts of many (promise, or your money back!).
Check out some of Jared's works via his blog, where he also offers some very cool wallpaper downloads.

Sean Chao
sculpts and paints worlds filled of curiosity and amusement. His works stand as odd little moments frozen in time, where imagination and personal history intertwine and are delicately constructed with a gamut of mixed media. Come out and inquire into the natural wonder Sean's created for us, you'll leave longing for more.

To go onwards with the adventure, please see their websites:



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